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Thoughts on America

Hilary Clinton's perfect speech last night:I am honored to be here tonight. A proud mother. A proud Democrat. A proud American. And a proud supporter of Barack Obama.My friends, it is time to take back the country we love.Whether you voted for me, or voted for Barack, the time is now to unite as a single party with a single purpose. We are on the same team, and none of us can sit on the sidelines.This is a fight for the future. And it's a fight we must win.I haven't spent the past 35 years in the trenches advocating for child...Read more

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Thoughts on Freedom

Last week I had a whole week of training (drinking).

Remember that i went for training earlier April?  This time the training was at the same location, just with different people and for a different goal.  Hence, as expected, there was a lot of fun times with my co-workers getting drunk and celebrating for someone's promotion. 

There was this one night, like the other nights, in which I enjoyed a private walk back to my bedroom after rounds of vodka and tequila shots.  With the iPod playing my favorite (wedding) song ...Read more

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Some Olympic Thoughts

Finally got some time to catch up on Time and Fortune.  What caught my eyes was this article about Olympics by Joel Stein, very very funny!#Raising the Stakes at the Olympics http://www.time.com/time/world/article/0,8599,1834117,00.html

Let me quote some (or many) of the funny parts from it...

"NBC sometimes flashes a 'medal count,' ... Gold, silver and bronze all count as one point... it practically guarantees that t...Read more

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In Training

Sorry for no response here!  I am in training and will have to catch up on your blogs and responses later~

Training this time has been uneventful, but it's also quite relaxing.  No stalkerish guy this time, but also no hot guy in my class T_T  So no fun at all... there was a hot guy from Belgium last night at the "Social Center" (which is in fact a bar / lounge), but he was fresh grad from college... baby young to me.

Oh well... I feel so old!!!


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The Past

Thanks for ur caring words~  I was sick for a couple days but now i've recovered completely!  I actually enjoyed being a bit sick because i did not have to do anything or move a finger...  felt like a princess~

Returning from the HK trip, I posted an album of pictures I took in Guangzhou.  I've been to Guangzhou many times, but i had never found the place so interesting... 

When I was born, i lived in Guangzhou for 6 months with my grandparents.  Of course i do not remember anything from that first 6 months of my life, but i...Read more

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I originally thought that it was jet lag or the Olympics, that i have been tired every night, that i could not work at night at all.  This morning i started feeling worse... at first i felt as if i couldn't breath, then i lost my appetite, and now i feel so tired and cold and uncomfortable.  Definitely getting ill...  ~_~"

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Beauty and Over-Protection


Wedding planning, is really the most troublesome task in the whole world! 

For example, I have spent hours trying out MUAs (make-up artists), and no matter what I could not be satisfied by my make-up.  The MUAs usually don't know how to balance my face features... maybe I am comparing them to myself, then of course I know better how to balance my eyes, nose, lips, etc.  But anyway, it's tiring and boring to sit through MUA try-outs and plus it's $400+ HKD per trial!  After the 2nd trial, I decid...Read more

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The Trip and Weddingsss...

I'm finally back in the States, guys!  I had a wonderful trip, filled with great food and joy and tears.  Too bad the trip was so short, I would love to stay in HK for at least a week more!

I tried to blog last Wednesday, but AnD was having maintenance time so my blog was LOST!  I wish that the system could tell me that it's system maintenance time when I clicked "Publish entry" so that I could save my entry!!

First, the meeting in Tokyo was a success!...Read more

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Hell Girl... in Tokyo

Yes August in Tokyo is hell-ish...

I have never been to Japan in August, so I have not expected the heat to be this terrible... as if I were in HK, but with much less air-conditioned places!

After one long day of non-stop client meeting, i'm exhuasted.  But the good news is we have made incredible progress and all my clients appreciated my mgmt.  Hurray for that!

And the Jap clients even depend on me to bring the US and EU clients to the client site in suburb, knowing that i've been to Tokyo a few times b...Read more

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The trip to Japan is not smooth...

I hate this...

I so want to cry... feel so weak. 

After brining in my laptop to service last Friday, it only worked for like 2 hours and then died on me in Japan!!  I am so angry!  It has wasted all my time and now I have to borrow a temporary laptop and I still have so much to prepare for tomorrow's meeting!  I am also very lonely and sad in Tokyo, walking around alone in this hot and humid weather.  It took me over an hour, with 3 tr...Read more

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