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Baby #2

Baby #2 has come out!!!!

YAH O!!!

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Heavenly Debut

Forgot to talk about the movie.  It was good, worth the tix price!  I think it's funny yet refreshing, and also thought-provoking.  Its message came across very clearly and strongly.  To conclude, it's definitely a successful project!

I'm waiting for more projects like this from the HK artists!


See picture below from one of our favorite 10min in the movie:



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Role Play & Surprises

H aven't done my reality experiments for long, and finally found a reason to do it again. 

What started last week as a casual conversation with Linda about our childhood eventually linked to DW.  Then, I searched for his pics and found this site.  Registered, played the role of one of DW's fans, met some really interesting people here, and had some notorious discussions. At the end, I even went to SFIFF and watched "The Heavenly Kings"! After the movie, I forced myself into the crowd to tr...Read more

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Cry Baby

Just talked to G's friend Malcoln.  I'm grateful that he's willing to help, to help a lazyass like me!  I'm not going to write the letter today, but I'll definitely focus on it tmr!  Although Sloan is a long shot, who knows what'd happen if I'd never tried?

It's sad,I'm born an artist but work as a businesswoman!  Cried last night when I was stuck in the long flight again.  Hated it so much as they couldn't upgrade me to First Class, so I was sandwiched in between men who pass...Read more

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Yay~ it's time to return to Berkeley~ and i'm anxiously waiting for the 6 little eggs to hatch... then i'll be a GRANDMA !!

um.. back to the sunshine and beaches West Coast, after a week of boredom!  today my place has been invaded by armies of curious kids, and they got to learn to make lava lamps, assess chewing gums, and make fingerprints.  ^___^   it's so lucky to be kids!

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一個女仔, 東西兩岸, 三頭住家, 辛苦到四...



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一直迷信眼淚是珍貴的, 因為只有 心靈被觸動的那刻才捨得掉落...

有一個早上, 電台主持邀請聽眾說出最近一次流"男兒淚" (或是看見情人流"男兒淚") 的情形. 其中一位女聽眾說她男友在看 Brokeback Mountain 時眼現淚光,大伙兒聽到真的意外之極.我則替女聽眾感可惜.


身邊的朋友,多是不願/易掉眼淚的人.不掉眼淚,看似很強很強,但其實是吃掉了眼淚嗎?他亦說我太過水造,大小的事情都掉眼淚.可能是我太貪吃了,嚥下的只可是美食而不可是苦水,就算是流著淚吃的亦要是雪糕之類.習慣了 將喜怒哀樂都寫在臉上,像白紙一張沒有收藏眼淚的地方.掉了眼淚,別人以為是示弱,有了這種性格真不易生存.

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Red Hot!

G irls' talks in Shoutout. um.. NAUGHTY!

I seriously lack human interaction here, waiting for AML to return.  Everybody hates St.Louis, so i'm sure she'll try to come back. 

I'm so lucky that I have red hot Rach accompanying me every night in my lonely hotel rooms .  I also love the lavender teddy bear she gave me~  Tmr is flying day again!  oh man.. the sweetness always comes after much torture .  I should make...Read more

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Six WEIRD Things About Me!

RenRen tagged me to post 6 Weird Things About Me , which.. should be easy as I'm super weird...

I like to *dance in showers, with music** .  It all began when one summer I heard Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby song, then I've started to enjoy dancing to music while I'm taking a shower.  Sometimes it's CDs, sometimes it's radio station's Sat night club live music.  I can be really crazy, and I do need a big shower space =P **Ice-cream makes me smile* .  No matter ...Read more

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Welcome to MY Profile! Can't live without art, and my favorite form of art is the yummiest... food! What's your favorite? ^0^ 生命是無盡的學習: 現在的我要學習找尋自我 C

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