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Fan of Maggiano's

Yesterday was so HOT!! 

As usual, I was working from home on this particularly hot Friday, and I felt that the entire desk, with a desktop and a laptop running, was burning.  I did not realize how hot it really was until I had to go to Vera Wang at 5:30pm.  I put on a tank-top and grabbed a jacket and ran out at 5:25pm, and i started sweating when i was on the street.  WOW!  The time & temperature display on one of the buildings showed that it was 30C  / 81F outside!!! After having seen 3 ppl in their tank-tops passing by,...Read more

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The Busy Syndrome

Is there something called the "Busy Syndrome"?

Earlier this year when we visited HK, WHH's family went to Xiamen with us.  WHH's sister was not feeling well during the first couple days of the trip, and we joked that it's the "Busy Syndrome".  She must be very not used to not having to work, even though she was still checking e-mails with her blackberry...  (and that's why i'm resisting the temptation to have a blackberry)

Last Sunday I planned to work the entire afternoon because Jap...Read more

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I think I told Peachey that we celebrated our Anniversaries in the same weekend, right?  So, Peachey, did you talk about how you celebrated your si-weet si-weet Anniversary?**** Our anniversary falls in the middle of the week, and a college friend was visiting the weekend before.  As a result, we postponed our celebration to the last weekend in March...  Although i feel that our days together have been si-weet in general, i'm still a high maintenance girl, i wanted a special celebration on those important days of the year.  Doesn't hav...Read more

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I Miss DG

Just want to put it out there...Spring has finally arrived --weather is gorgeous,flowers are blooming... time for Spring Fling!!

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Not Meant To Be

Some of us feel that we could have been artists, but external forces steered us to the other paths.  We all have our own stories of how and why that happened, and then we can do nothing but sigh about it.- At 13, i convinced mom to allow me to learn oil painting.  i started taking private lessons with a painter from Mainland China, who was very impressed by my sensitivity to colors and forms.  He tried to persuade me to get more formal training, an idea that was put off by mom. - At 14, i was preparing for F.4 in middle school.  My school ha...Read more

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Small Things, Big Things, and Just Something

Small Things:

After having a real job for some time, I notice that the small jobs I held in college had really defined me in terms of how I lead and react to certain situations.  For example, I have been a tutor to middle-school students and college students and a research assistant in biology labs throughout my college years (because my family's too poor so I had to pay for my own tuition at UPenn).  From the tutoring, I have become the coaching type of leader.  I focus a lot on helping my juniors to ...Read more

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Seasons Brunch

Last Sat it was raining and snowing slightly, but they did not prevent us from walking to buy a new lens... Cannon 17/40mmas recommended by my cousin for outdoor portrait.  To try it out, we went to Four Seasons for Sunday Brunchand took many pictures of our food...  The bill came back as expensive as it could have been-- ~$200 for 2 ppl!!  Later on, when WHH checked his card, Seasons charged us $250?!?!  What the heck?!  WHH called Seasons and they corrected the charge, but... argg!

WHH feels very broke now after buying the lens an...Read more

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Still Learning...

Sometimes I really want to blog here.  But then I know I would not have time to go over everyone's blogs, so i hesitate to even come here.  I feel really rude not to read others' blogs but expect others to read mine...

It's been some busy days.  I don't think we have long hours, but the hours are oddwith early morning Europe and late night Japan meetings.  The 3 regions (US vs. Jap vs. EU) have very different working styles, and I am like working 3 teams of people instead of one whole team.  It is definitely a lot o...Read more

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Sexy Back vs. Wedding Date

How to stay sexy after getting married?

The other day I was reading through my old blog and reminiscing those good old days, when WHH was away and i was living with mom.  =P  While i mourned the tiny little bit of time i could spend with WHH, i definitely treasured the last chance to go all out while WHH's not around.  Well, maybe not all out, but just to go out.  Missed that routine of partying every Sat night with my dearest Rach and Drew and Nicki.   Even though I get to go to some parties now, it IS different!  A p...Read more

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Charlie Wilson's War... OR My War?

I've been trying to blog here more often, but many things just keep distracting me.  It's tough work, and i'm learning hard.

In today's 6:30 meeting, I almost fell asleep...  Everyone's speaking super-duper-slowly because of our Japanese clients, and there were minutes of silence from time to time to let the Japanese clients make decisions.  It's a very different experience than before.

To the point why I am learning hard, it's beca...Read more

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