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Public... Honey!

Two of the HOTTEST guys on Earth -- Johnny Depp and Christian Bale-- are shooting the Public Enemies in Chicago in the Lincoln Park area close to where my teammate lives!!

My pupils are dilated and i'm... drooooooooling...

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Golden Language

久未用中文, 語言能力下降至令我自卑的水平. 

連寫 blog 都感覺困難...


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Cafe Iberico

Weather in this past weekend was great, and the team was great... 

Saturday was warm and sunny, and everywhere was pretty!  WHH and i went to the Lincoln Park district to shop.  We dropped by some really lovely boutiques and the popular tapas place "Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba".  Since the tapas place has been highly recommended by my current teammates, I decided to give it a try.  Awww... the food was horrible!!  Presentation is a big thing for me and the food was not presente...Read more

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Yesterday I was very pissed off by a junior.  Because I was in a very bad mood, I decided not to blog about it just yet.  Now that a day has passed, I am still pissed, but I feel more sorry for her making such a mistake. 

The last thing you want to do at work is to write an immature and negative email towards your teammate and CC a senior on it.  And that was what she did yesterday, 3 separate e-mails towards me and cc-ed a senior on it.  I took a step back and responded to all those e-mails reasonably and nicely and even thanked her for s...Read more

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My Blood My Country

Woke up at 5am to prep for meeting this morning and I've been busy since.  Too tired to write much... but I still want to say:- I am so sad about the damage done by the earthquake that I shed tears whenever I read news about the earthquake;

- I am proud of how united Chinese people arewhen we see our fellow countrymen suffer;

- There are some people, mostly in US and EU, who say that the earthquake is punishment from God to th...Read more

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Chesapeake Bay

This week has been very busy, so I haven't blogged until now... SORRY! Monday I had to wake up before 4am to fly to Maryland for a 2-day company meeting.  The meeting was at a new Hyatt resort at Chesapeake Bay.  I went on the same flight and limo with my current teammates, and once we drove close to the resort I was caught breathless... it was GORGEOUS~~~  Because the location was soooooooooooooooooo beautiful, even though we did not get to enjoy the facilities, we were all at a very good mood and truly enjoyed the meeting.

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Cutie and the Geek

Last weekend has been very interesting... Friday was Looptopia.   WHH got off from work around 7pm and told me about this interesting annual event, so we ate at home and rested for a bit before going out to the Loop.  For those of you who don't live in Chicago, the Loop is the financial area.  It usually dies out after 8pm as there are few residential in the Loop.  But not on this Friday night, as the annual Looptopia drew thousands of Chicagoans to stay in the Loop attending concerts and visiting museums, all for free, until 5am on...Read more

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Shrine of Cute Stuffs

It's that weather again, the weather for eye candies~

Actually I don't know what I'm talking about...

But it's hot and humid, makes people think that Summer is just around the corner.  If so then it's time for the Shrine of Cute Stuffs... Victoria's Secret!!  Yay~ the Chicago VS store sells swimsuits!!!  On Easter Sunday I even saw a couple of Asian guys taking pictures in front of the gigantic VS poster...

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Sleepy Wednesday

Iusually eat very very little for lunch because I'd feel so sleepy afterwards.  At client site, I'd have to resort to Pepsi Max after lunch to stay awake and alert for work and meetings.  Today's the usual work-at-home Wednesday.  After the toxic lunch, my brain was telling me to take a nap... But I can't!!  Hence, I turned on Ruckus and started dancing to "4 Minutes" and "A Publi...Read more

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Conquered Journey

Recovered, ready to move on... that is my friend!!  In a fight against cancer that has lasted for almost a year, she has won!! 

All of you please please please take care of your health...

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