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Updates Again!

emember that back in May, I wrote a blog entry that listed several goals?  I have definitely worked towards them:I am really excited for my new life, because I have so many things that I wanna do differently.  1] First and foremost, I will find a job that will NOT require regular traveling!  Occasional is fine, but no more weekly commute.  That's just stupid!2] Spend more time on developing myself and making myself happy... do charity work as much as possible, continue dance lessons and be good at Tango and Foxtrot, study interesting subjects, form a keyboard and guitar duel with WHH, paint...3] Travel for fun more4] Read more books and write if I can5] Meet more new friends6] Deal with the dry-skin problem in Chicago better7] Not moving to another US city!!or #1, I  have started my own consulting business that is local, and am now working on a local project.  Hence, I do not need to fly!For #2, I have worked hard on practicing my Argentine Tango routine, become team leads for two Chicago Care volunteer projects(one weekly and one monthly), and got into the top US MBA program - U of Chicago Booth MBA!http://chicagogsb-dsac.blogspot.com/2008/11/exciting-rerun-bw-2008-mba-rankings.html[![](/attachments/2009/07/17/13/23255_200907171325501.thumb.jpg)](/batch.download.php?aid=5271385)For #3, I am quite lacking here... but I have visited NYC for great food, and am traveling to France and Italy for honeymoon before MBA school starts in Sept.  I will try my best to travel la!For #4, I will definitely read many more books once at the MBA school...   For #5, I have networked a lot recently, and will definitely be meeting tons of new friends in school!For #6, kinda out of my control...  For #7, since it'll take me 2 years to finish school, i'm now certain i won't be moving in the next 2 years!  still have a few more goals to achieve this year, so I will work hard!!

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those sound like good goals! =) have you read "freakonomics"?... you menteioned chicago and that's the first thing that came to my mind. hehe... just finished reading it.
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It's great that you are achieving your goals........ and have fun in MBA school!!!!..... and have fun in France and Italy........ I want to go tooooo. u want to take me with u? heheee
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Hope you have a good time in France and Italy. Good luck with achieving the rest of your goals! =)
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Good luck with everything!
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it's great to keep working towards our goals... =) good luck!!
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