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Have not been here for a while... sorry!Life is so good --sneaking into free classes, volunteering, Sims3-ing,moving and decorating new apartment,practicing an Argentine Tango routin with WHH,and job-hunting.Days passed by super quickly!And my skin is not as dry and cracked as before!Not having a job (in particular the returning-my-company-credit-card part)forced me to reign in on spending.But, job is coming, and pay will likely be doubled, so am i going to save anymore?Since i'll be getting 5-figure income per month for the next 6 months?I am keeping my fingers crossed, hoping the contract will be signed.Probably won't have to travel much on this project,at most monthly travel to Netherlands?  (Hope NOT)And yes, I am writing more!I started a new blog, at Blogger, all Chinese and more fun.(And I have been BS-ing there while not on here)Please ask me if you want the link.^_^

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Hope the job works out for you! Please send me the link to your other blog. ^^
almost 11 years ago
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Hope you receive good news on the contract. what's the link? but my chinese sucks ... Yes, an ignorant abc. :D
almost 11 years ago
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I have a blog on Blogger too, but I haven't updated in a while. I do want to read your Chinese ramblings tho. I hope your contract goes through. Are you still in Chicago?
almost 11 years ago
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wow 5 figure a month!!!.. u rich girl!!!> that means MORE SHOPPING.. lol.. u can send me the link
almost 11 years ago
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I hope all goes well with the contract. =) My chinese is not good, but you can send me the link too.
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Welcome to MY Profile! Can't live without art, and my favorite form of art is the yummiest... food! What's your favorite? ^0^ 生命是無盡的學習: 現在的我要學習找尋自我 C

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