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Two Weird Stories

Weird story #1:A 17-year-old girl just married a man who's over 90 years old. And they are going to have a daughter together.Is this very romantic?Weird story #2:A man who's nearly 100 years old is attending high school.I guess he has never gone to school before?Is he really cool?Please let me know your thoughts...THANKS!

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i think the first story's crazy. the second one is cute. =) my weird story of the day: someone is pretending to be me on FB! =0 using my photo and my first name!!!!
over 10 years ago
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The first one is not romantic. When I was 17, I thought someone over the age of 20 was old. The dude is 90 years old. Why is the 90 year old dude having another baby anyways? As for the second story, it's never too late to learn. Props to the old man.
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thanks for the comments... i want to hold off till more ppl respond then give out the links... u'd be surprised! ^_~
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Story 1.. NOT Romantic at all.. I think it's sick.. Story 2.. very cool!!......
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I don't think Story #1 is romantic, but since I don't know the details..... not going to judge. To each their own, i guess. For Story #2, I think you're never too old to learn.
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