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Strange Encounter

Thank you so much for all your support and advice~  That's why even though I felt hurt to have my privacy invaded, I still want to continue to share my life with you all here. 

Last night I was in very much shock so I had not detailed the story of how it happened, and here it is:

9/10, WHH visited Berkeley representing his company in a career fair.  When he returned Wednesday night, I noticed that there is an email from a girl "S.H." to him. We often leave our mailboxes open in the home computer and we are free to check each others', and I help him to reply to his mom's emails.  In the email, S.H. was using a very happy tone, and she mentioned thatshe was sad when he left Berkeley, and gave him herprivate blog link and password.  That got me curious as I have not never heard of this girl.

9/11(yesterday), WHH had to work till late, so I checked out S.H.'s blog.  The first thing that caught my eyes was an entry written on 9/10, the same day that WHH visited Berkeley.  The title was " 奇妙的緣份: BioE 學長".  WHH was in Bioengineering, so that may be referring to him?  I opened that entry with the password, and it was really talking about their unexpected meeting at the career fair.  Then she went on and talked about how, when she first went to Berkeley, she worked with WHH and loved him (referring to WHH with his initials), and she said she was certain that he liked her too.  However, it's because of his gf (i.e. ME), that she decided against moving forward.  So she chose to date another guy who later dumped her, and she ended the entry saying she should have fought to get the guy even if the guy had a gf (i.e. ME).

Writing about her feelings for WHH and then immediately inviting WHH to read,CLEAR MOTIVE!

I was NOT offended by that blog at all.  It's natural and uncontrollable for people to like / admire him even if he has shown them nothing more friendship, in particular when he's such a high-quality guy and we were still long-D at the time. I have had my own "boy toys" and admirers, too. I apprepriate people's love for me, and I appreciate her (secret) admiration of WHH.  However, if that becomes "infatuation" or something more evil, that's another thing.

And well, I randomly read some other entries of hers to see if she has said more about her admiration of WHH.  It's when I came across this entry she wrote on June 1st, 2008 that got me very very shocked.  My picture was in this entry!! She said "以上就是我以前說過, 一邊..." in short, she said I was a slut and I was ugly and she could not understand how come WHH would still love me and other guys were attracted to me.  WOW...  My heart sinked reading that.  WTH?  Even if I were ugly, she has no right to take my picture for discussion, and slut?!  Who's she to judge?  And, if you can't read the chinese, she was telling her "readers" that the picture showed the personshe has discussed before...  Gosh!  I don't even know her, and I certainly have not done anything to her that warrants her harsh comment and treatment and irrespect to me!

I was very shaken at that point, knowing that there's been this unknown girl discussing me with my photos on her blog.  I immediately came to AnD and checked where I posted the photo, and it was in Nov 2007 in an entry.  I was very shocked as: - How did she find my blog?  AnD is not a well-known site and my real name is not used here. - She read my blogs and took my pic from last year, when she was supposed to be still dating that other guy.  What's the purpose? - How long has she been reading my blog?  How many photos has she downloaded from here?

Okay, and in other entries, she has also posted pictures of other couples.  In most cases, she knew the guys and said some sacarstic but non-harmful things about their relationships with their gfs.  However, among these them there is this other guy that she really liked, and she blogged about his sexual relationship and lack of satisfaction with his ex-gf,right below a picture of this guy and his ex-gf.  And then she said this guy left his ex-gf for her... but they're not even dating. WTH?  Disclosing all private details with a picture is outrageous!!!

I cannot believe that this girl has the gut and the "inches-thick face skin" to invite WHH to read her dirty blog.  She is abnormal!  As you gals put it, some people just can't live their sorry lives alone!

And when WHH returned, I complained to him about this pathetic girl and her blog, and he immediately emailed her to demand removal of my photo and comments.  The girl emailed back trying to apologize and explain to him.  She said that she has not read my blog for long, and that the June entry was written when she very drunk and upset from her break-up, and she wasn't sure what she wrote.  Oh come on, if she was very drunk, how could she find my picture to post there?  It's eithershe has always had me in her mindand remembers clearly where she put my pic, or thatshe has downloaded tons of my picsso they're easily accessible even when she was drunk.  Or both? In either case, that's sick!

Anyway, I am keep all my blogs locked now, but I still cannot get back the pictures that she has stolen from my blog...  I hope she won't key my face to some nude bodies...  or if she wants to do that, please key my face to some hot 36-24-36 female body. OH WELL!! 



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That girl is twisted. Hopefully she will stop what she's doing. It's good to lock your blog up just for safety!
over 12 years ago
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I don't think she's going to stop what she's doing...to you or to other couples. She seems to find great satisfaction in venting like this. Forget about her. Concentrate on your own life. It's difficult to control what ends up happening with the images we've posted into cyberspace. Kooks everywhere. Seriously. Both of you should ignore it. Don't fuel her by responding with anything.
over 12 years ago
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yea I agree with Peachey... maybe you can also change the privacy settings for your previous entries too.
over 12 years ago
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oh wow.. i hate girls like that doews WHH know anything about this???
over 12 years ago
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I'm sorry you had to go through this. You're right to not let some crazy person ruin your blogging experience on here but now that you know, you can take measures to protect yourself. This girl clearly has issues. I wouldn't respond to her actions but you should definitely watch out for her. If she does register with a profile on here after you've switched the privacy settings and keeps accessing your photos, you should def. report it then.
over 12 years ago
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Wait why would she target you? That's so creepy, makes me nervous! I don't understand....dude......
over 12 years ago
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Okay now she just sounds like one of those girls that only target guys with girlfriends. I agree with Peachey, you should probably change your privacy settings. Does she have a blog on AnD? Do you know this girl looks like?
over 12 years ago
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Yeah I agree with the others , change the privacy setting on your photos. She's a very insecure and pathetic individual whose jealousy is at the top of the scale! I'm pleased WHH emailed her, imagine how she felt after that.....lower than dirt probably, and rightly so!
over 12 years ago
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Drunk? That’s always the lamest & overused excuse ever made! Well, what can you do? She’s just an insecure loner who feels better about herself w/ her hallucinations of men ever wanting her, & ranting about their gfs. Poor dear. So, just leave her w/ her own pathetic fantasy world. at least, what you have is real. =D
over 12 years ago
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Instead of spending the time ruining other's life, she should just take the time to get her life together. I am a firm believer in karma.
over 12 years ago
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Oh, that girl is really sick! I think she needs to be a member here in order to read your blog. You must find her! So sick! I think your WHH must scared of her too.
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