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OK... i've been too busy so didn't finish off my last blog.  So why did I talk about those two stories?  Because I know most people don't realize how oldEdward Cullen, the main character in the Twilight saga, was.  He was born in 1901!  That means he was104 years oldwhen the novel Twilight was released in 2005.  No matter how young he looked, hismental ageshould be over 80 (already a very conservative/retarded estimate), so how could he fall in love with a 17-year-old?  Don't tell me Bella's mental age was 80?!  That would be so sad... In conclusion, the marriage between Edward and Bella was, to me, very weird.  If I directly ask you if you think their marriage was strange, you would probably say NO and say it's very romantic.  That is why I did not mention Twilight before, and whenever I asked my friends the same question in the same way, I always get the same response... "SO DISGUSTING!!"  hahaha..  I guess I just don't like Twilight  

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ah-ha.. well i haven't read the book nor seen the movie.. so i wouldn't know.. heheee
over 11 years ago
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hahaa... I just finished reading all four books... I enjoyed the story.. never thought about it as you described but you definitely have your point... and to top it all off.. the movie sucks!! haha...
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Thanks for informing me about some points of the story (stories). I didn't know the age difference...and that they marry. Why would a 100-yr old vampire wanna marry a human anyways? Crazy story.
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As with most vampire love story, the old not aging vampire always falls in love with the young girl. I still like Twilight. I couldn't stand the werewolves though.
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I never seen the movie & I have no plans of even reading the book. Lol.
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