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Mom's Visit - Days 1~3

Mom and her BFF came to visit us this past Monday.  I worked from home so I could let them in.  And then, when WHH got off work we showed them to the Water Tower and Michigan Ave. 

We tried to find somewhere to eat dinner but all restaurants were full and we were tired, hence we ended up eating at home.  That's what i wanted!  To eat mom's delicious cooking!!

Tuesday I had a 6am call and then had to work on-site, so mom and her friend walked around the city by themselves and had lunch at Frontera Grill.  My mom's friend wanted to try Mexican food so we recommended this famous place and they were very satisfied~  They went to the supermarket and brought home lots of vegetables and fruits, and they even wiped our kitchen counter top to sparkling clean!!  At night they made delicious dinner and "old fire" soup for us...  i felt so "hung fok"... except that i had so much work that i had to work till 2am and woke up at 7am the next day!!

Wednesday was an extremely hot and stuffy day!!  After my early morning call with Europe, I worked a bit and then we set off to the loop.  First i brought them to the classic Smith & Wollensky Steakhouse (http://www.smithandwollensky.com/) for a lunch.  I intended to sit outside by the river, but the hot weather prompted us to stay indoor with a/c.

The butter bread there tasted so good!!

Tuna steak with sesame ginger sauce on the side...

10oz filet mignon w. their house-made steak sauce on the side...

After lunch, we dared to go outside again, and walked towards the Millennium Park.  The heat was almost unbearable, and after walking around the loop for a bit and having taken some photos, we declared defeat! 

mom (L) and her friend (R) in matching clothing! 

We hided at a Jamba Juice store for a while and then, upon mom's repeated request, we took the subway to go to the Chinatown.  My parents have a strange interest in visiting each non-Chinese city's Chinatown, and mom would not be satisfied without visiting the Chicago one!!  At Chinatown, we bought a lot of food so that mom could make more dishes / soups for us!  Mom was also disappointed by the Chicago Chinatown, though not as much as I am.  We then took the subway back home with bags of food and got lost somewhere close to home... the Chicago subway network is very confusing particularly in Summer when there're lots of constructions going on!!  So we had to walk home from the Loop, luckily just a 10-min walk.  And then it was another night of yummy mom-made dishes and soup and sweet soup~~~

To be continued...

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you really look like your mom... hehee.. =) so nice to have your mom cook for you guys... hehee... YUM! =)
almost 12 years ago
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food looks delicious! and yes, nothing beats mom's cooking. ;) haha... what is up with the older generation and chinatown? mrAC's parents wanted to see singapore's chinatown too when we went last year... all chinatowns are the same... old and smelly! =/
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Yeah nothing beats a mother's cooking. Sounds like your mum and her friend has had a lovely & busy time , as have you. :)
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it's good when mommy is here right??? you're not going to take a few days off to be with her?
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Ooh, I hadn't visited Chicago's C-town. Nobody would go with me at night whenever I was out that way. I also like to take a peek at Chinatowns in different cities. And universities too. heehee
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