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Mom's Visit Day 6~7

To continue, last Sat WHH finally had time to accompany us out.

We planned to take the water taxi "cruise" to the Field Museum, but the weather was bad that day.  It was raining on and off.  We did take the "cruise" but the rain and fog was so heavy that we could barely see the skyline along the shore.

mom25 Mom and her friend

mom25WHH, me, mom and her friend

mom26mom27mom28Dark sky and rocky lake

When we arrived at the Field Museum, it started to clear up!  We lined up for a bit to get in the museum, but my company had free admission so it was okay to wait.


My mom's friend cannot walk around for too long, so we only saw a few exhibitions.  The museum was very clean and not too crowded, so it was great![mom32](http://i332.photobucket.com/albums/m360/sorica7/pic0099.jpg)

We left around the museum was being closed for a wedding banquet... quite romantic to get married in front of T-Rex Sue, right?mom33mom34

And then mom cooked us dinner again that night... WHH also made lamb chops which mom and friend loved very much!  The next day they returned to Philly and I was so sad... I miss mom~~~~~~

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awwww, WHH will make a good son-in-law! hehe... thanks for sharing the pics!
almost 12 years ago
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I've been to the Field Natural History museum! Very big and very tiring to walk around. Mom's gotta come back soon!
almost 12 years ago
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wow.. nice pics... sounded like a fun time with your mom and her friend... =) your mom shall be back soon... hehee...
almost 12 years ago
Photo 911
how come ur pictures are all cut off towards the right?? or you purposely did that??
almost 12 years ago
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thanks for sharing the time you spent with your mum and her friend, I'm sure your mum will be back soon!, looked like a lovely time.
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Of course you'll miss your Mom but at least you just had a nice visit with her :)
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