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Jap Trip and HK

Thanks for all your wishes~

I was a bit upset that my B-day falls on such a day, with WHH working and my Jap trip starting early tmr morning.  There's no time to celebrate at all.  I have been working super long hours these days... woke up at 5am yesterday for an early morning meeting, and then I had to work and work till 7pm, then had a 4-hour call with Japan till 11pm...  I was so hungry that i started eating around 10pm while I was still talking and working on the call.

But I cannot complain, as I get to visit HK for a week after the Jap trip~  Friends have got their bosses' approval to take days off to accompany me, I'll be staying at one of my BFFs' home for a few (sleepless) nights, and I'll get floral vendor and make-up artist all arranged hopefully.

Really nothing to complain, as my boss has to visit the European client site one week a month.  A few months ago was her B-day, and she was in Netherlands holding a 5-day client meeting and was 2~3 months in her pregnancy, regularly feeling nausea and tired as coffee was not allowed but she had to work extreme long hours.  And she will have to visit Japan later in the Fall when she's about 7 months along.  I was a bit concerned about the Japan trip for her, but she said her OB-GYN okayed the trip... well I guess the OB-GYN okayed the trip as a trip, not considering that she would be leading client discussions and working crazy for 5 days straight!!

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Wow....... HK too..... very nice........ have lots of fun............
almost 12 years ago
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awe... but hopefully you and WHH can have a nice dinner? hehee... =) have a safe trip...
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RE your boss. Those Japs like to smoke a lot, esp in meetings. Hope they'll be kind. You'll just have to officially celebrate your bday when you get back. Perhaps WHH will have something exciting and big planned. ;)
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have a good trip!
almost 12 years ago
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it's nice how you can stop by HK! have a fun trip!!! =)
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Hope your boss takes care, a vacation is indeed a lot different to a workload, I doubt she told the doc about that! Have a lovely trip and enjoy yourself in Hong Kong afterwards.
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How untimely but you and WHH can celebrate when you get back. And it's good that you'll be able to take some time to visit HK after this trip.
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