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Coming Clean

haha~  Let me come clean of what I have been doing in the past few weeks... nothing!

First, i have been very serious about saving money, ever since I returned from visiting HK.  We have not visited any expensive restaurant!  WHH's co-workers and us just keep frequenting the neighborhood eateries such as Maggiano's, VTK, Brasserie Jo (see pics below for their wonderful baguette), and our beloved REAL Japanese restaurant Itto~~  No dinner pass the $100 mark!

It's funny that WHH's co-workers are 95% guys, and they alll want to meet girls.  I can't help them much as consulting is also white-men-dominated, given the unstable life-style!  Anyone has lots of Chicago girls to introduce to them?   


Work is busy as always, but raise and bonus were tinier than TINY given the economy.  I am preparing to transition off work on my current project and finding my next project.  Very likely, however unwillingly, I'll be shipped to Japan for ONE WHOLE YEAR, with monthly visit to Chicago!!  There are two other purely strategy projects that I would like to join, but my big bosses have the ultimate power, and they want me to go to Japan.  Afterall, it's not easy to find someone who can work well abroad, particularly in Japan.

WHH has been busy with his training and exams, hence no more portrait taken!  i think we're just lazy-ass.  The decor part is a headache... Over HKD 50,000 for decoration for the dinner banquet!!  And it's not even grand decor, just the necessary parts (foyer, stage, head tables)!  hai... wedding is really a waste of money.


MuiMui is still super cute, and Mimi too~  And we're all excited that Heroes season 3 is coming soon!!!!!!!!

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wow... shipped to Japan for the whole year?? hmm... sounds like an opportunity but will that interfere with your wedding plans?
almost 12 years ago
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A year is a long time, but it's good that they are arranging for you to go back to Chicago monthly. You'll have a lovely wedding, they are expensive these days, but I'm sure they are worth every penny. Aw MuiMui is gorgeous!!
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I'm excited about the new season on TV too! A year apart again. Yeesh. So, the wedding will be in the later half of '09? I remember the scrimping time before my wedding too. Tough!
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Wow.... going to Japan for a whole year, that's an adventure. It can be good or bad depending on how you view it, i guess. Like what Jane said, I hope it won't interfere with the wedding.
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If you get shipped to Japan, when will that be? Next year? So are you still have your wedding next year? I'm trying to save money too. I'm planning on not going anywhere or doing anything for the rest of the month. Argh! I had to go to work today for 5 hours to finish up all this paperwork that was piling up on my desk.
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I am saving money too. Wow go to Japan for a year? That's a long time away from hone, isn't it?
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saving money is good i need to save too.. so hard
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