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Chuck vs. Peter

Recently, we have watched 2 R-rated comedies - Good Luck Chuckand Forgetting Sarah Marshall. 

Anyone has seen these two?

We actually did not finish Good Luck Chuckbecause it was so boring in the first 15min that I had to shut it down.  Gosh, whoever came up with the idea was just dumb.  The only thing that seems to sell the movie was the scene when Jessica Alba showed her panty, which was of course of no attraction to me.  There's no connection with the audience whatsoever, worst comedy ever!

But we loved Forgetting Sarah Marshall!  The story was well-written though the ending was a bit cheesy; the "feelings" of Peter, played by Jason Segel, were very real as for a typical guy recently dumped by his gf.  Mila Kunis playing Rachel was very hot, and Russell Brand playing Aldous Snow, the new rock-star bf of Sarah Marshall, was a star in the movie.  R.B. was hilariously self-absorbed and horny... HAHA!!  And the scenes were J.S. was all naked, yes ALL naked, was funny because of WHH's reastion to them.  Both times we were caught off-guard to see J.S.'s private part, and WHH, as a normal young male, had such dramatic reaction that it's just funny watching him instead of watching J.S..

You know, when girls see naked girls in movies or girls getting tortured, we don't really react much.  However, it's totally different for guys.  When young men see another man's private part, they have to turn their heads away as if they've seen the nastiest thing on Earth; when they see another man's private part get hurt, they would most likely jump up from their seats and groan painfully, as if they've got theirs hurt also.  haha~ Every time i find it so funny just to watch their reactions!

So, in conclusion, I highly recommend Forgetting Sarah Marshall!   Get a good laugh!


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I haven't seen either of the two movies... but I'll keep your suggestion in mind... hahaa...
almost 12 years ago
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Really dumb, dumb movie.
almost 12 years ago
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OK (for FSM). I always need escapism and laffs.
almost 12 years ago
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I watched this, very funny!
almost 12 years ago
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yeah I want to see this, I have quite a thing for dear ole Russell. hehe, it is true about guys, they always react with 'ouch' when they see another guy get hurt in the knackers, quite funny really.
almost 12 years ago
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nope, i haven't seen any of these.. i need TIME>. hahaa
almost 12 years ago


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