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A Romantic Picnic with Yo Yo Ma

ow romantic could it be?  The picnic was held u , and we were sitting on .  Of course was not dinning with us.  Instead, he was playing with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. This was the first time we've attended the annual in Chicago.  Too bad we missed the July performance by Lang Lang (my idol!), so we wouldn't miss Yo Yo Ma's performance on Aug 14th even though we had to rush from work to get there.This was the train ticket to RaviniaThis was our picnic package, with food and drinks, etc. This was us on the train when it was still inside the station.  The train is very similar to what I take every day to go to client site.Train en route to RaviniaThis was the entrance area.  The Theater behind us was not open.When we got there, it was still quite bright outside (at 7:30pm).  As our tickets were lawn seats ($20 per person, really cheap), we were free to choose anywhere to sit.  We squeezed into this area right outside the auditorium. As it got darker, it became more romantic with the candle light and the beautiful music.  So relaxing~WHH was very focused~Intermission:  You can see there were actually many many audiences!  The lawn area was huge, and I bet there were at least 3000 ppl!!![](/attachments/2009/08/24/10/23255_200908241024213.thumb.jpg)Although the performance ended around 10pm, we didn't get home until after midnight!  As all 3000-ish people tried to leave at once, the train was packed and we had to wait for a long time before the train started... @_@What a wonderful night~  I will definitely go back next year!!

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what a great date............. this is why we love summer!!!
almost 11 years ago
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That sounds like a nice outing. Outdoor concerts are so enjoyable. The last one I went to was to listen to David Benoit, the jazz-y person. Free and on the lawn. ;)
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Oh wow, sounds like a very romantic evening!... You and WHH must've enjoyed it thoroughly. =)
almost 11 years ago
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nice!! sounds like a great night... =)
almost 11 years ago
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Sounds wonderful, I've heard him play here in SF
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