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A Romantic Picnic with Yo Yo Ma

ow romantic could it be?  The picnic was held u , and we were sitting on .  Of course was not dinning with us.  Instead, he was playing with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. This was the first time we've attended the annual in Chicago.  Too bad we missed the July performance by Lang Lang (my idol!), so we wouldn't miss Yo Yo Ma's performance on Aug 14th even though we had to rush from work to get there.Read more

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Long Hair. Short Hair.

fter my last blog, I had a haircut.   I have wanted to have a short hairstyle ever since the celebrities started rocking different versions of the bob hairstyle.  However, because of my wedding, I had to keep my hair long...  Last month, my hair got to a very weird state when I couldn't tolerate it anymore![](/attachments/2009/08/23/08/23255_200908230818551.thumb.jpg) This was a relatively better day in June.  Actually, several caucasian g...Read more

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Vitamins C and E Get an F?

An interesting article FYI:



Vitamins C and E Get an F

By Christopher Wanjek, LiveScience's Bad Medicine Columnist

posted: 25 November 2008 12:37 pm ET


Read more

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Updates Again!

emember that back in May, I wrote a blog entry that listed several goals?  I have definitely worked towards them:I am really excited for my new life, because I have so many things that I wanna do differently.  1] First and foremost, I will find a job that will NOT require regular traveling!  Occasional is fine, but no more weekly commute.  That's just stupid!2] Spend more time on developing myself and making myself happy... do charity work as much as possible, continue dance lessons and be good at Tango and Foxtrot, study interesting subj...Read more

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July 4th @ Per Se

Let me dedicate one entry just to food.Particularly the very delicious food at.(Ranked at #6 in the world, #1 in the US)When I was living in Berkeley, I always wanted to dine at French Laundry.  However, I was flying across the nation for work, and I rarely knew when I would be at home.  To eat there, I need to book ahead, way ahead.  At the end, I have not been to French Laundry for once when I was in the Bay Area... something I have always regretted.Moving to Chicago did not help.  The Chicago restaurant scene is robust.  However, Chicago...Read more

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OK... i've been too busy so didn't finish off my last blog.  So why did I talk about those two stories?  Because I know most people don't realize how oldEdward Cullen, the main character in the Twilight saga, was.  He was born in 1901!  That means he was104 years oldwhen the novel Twilight was released in 2005.  No matter how young he looked, hismental ageshould be over 80 (already a very conservative/retarded estimate), so how could he fall in love with a 17-year-old?  Don't tell me Bella's mental age was 80?!  That would be ...Read more

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Two Weird Stories

Weird story #1:A 17-year-old girl just married a man who's over 90 years old. And they are going to have a daughter together.Is this very romantic?Weird story #2:A man who's nearly 100 years old is attending high school.I guess he has never gone to school before?Is he really cool?Please let me know your thoughts...THANKS!

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McKinsey Quarterly

Not sure if any of you subscribe to McKinsey Quarterly.  I am a fan for their articles on healthcare trends and policies, and it is nice to read their interviews with CEOs, etc.  Before, I used to receive one "new article notification" per week, which means on average McKinsey used to write one new article on healthcare each week.  However, lately my mailbox has been bombarded by their notifications.  There have been as many as 5 new article notifications PER DAY!Why?Couple weeks ago, an old lady at my volunteering project told m...Read more

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Have not been here for a while... sorry!Life is so good --sneaking into free classes, volunteering, Sims3-ing,moving and decorating new apartment,practicing an Argentine Tango routin with WHH,and job-hunting.Days passed by super quickly!And my skin is not as dry and cracked as before!Not having a job (in particular the returning-my-company-credit-card part)forced me to reign in on spending.But, job is coming, and pay will likely be doubled, so am i going to save anymore?Since i'll be getting 5-figure income per month for the next 6 months?I am ke...Read more

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It's been quite a long time since I last blogged, right?Reasons for the hietus:1] Bored in life (mostly because "the company" had no work for anyone to do)2] Uploading photos to AnD takes too much time3] AnD doesn't work on iPhone4] Busy with move to a new apartmentThings that happened in this period of time (and may be future blog entries if I regain the momentum to blog here):1] Saw movies - Marley & Me, Slumdog Millionaire, Star Trek2] Moved to a new apartment (all by ourselves!)3] Showed my sister-in-law around when she visi...Read more

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Welcome to MY Profile! Can't live without art, and my favorite form of art is the yummiest... food! What's your favorite? ^0^ 生命是無盡的學習: 現在的我要學習找尋自我 C

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