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worst day ever

Today is one of those days you wish you could sleep through and when you wake up it will have never happened. Last night one of my room mates did not come home which was a bit odd since he usually doesn't do that. This morning his father called us to let us know that his son had taken his own life last night and was wondering if he'd left a note at the house or said anything strange yesterday. Being woken up to be asked to dig through your room mate's things for a suicide note is not the sort of call anyone would ever wish for. Eve...Read more

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More bookstore goodness...

I decided to take a nice nap after work today. Just as I was drifting off into dreamland my room mate knocked on my door asking if I could move my car. I stumbled out into the cold and reparked the car then walked back in splashed some water on my face to wake myself up (shoulda done that before moving the car) and then I decided...forget the nap. I want to go to Half Price Books. So that I did...and should I have decided to stay home I would still be $47 richer. But oh well, I got some nifty books. Unfortunately they are almost al...Read more

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Opinions please!

Okay, getting close to launch time for fartdust.com now and I was tinkering with the logo idea. Keep in mind this is a rough draft...I still need to find a graphic artist to properly render the concept. The first one is my initial idea and the one in use currently. The second...well it just sorta came to me last night and I'm not sure if it's a bit too much. Thoughts?

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Woohoo! flame member status!

Well, I handed over the buckage to upgrade my status to flame member. Call me a sucker because well, who cares about the extra features...not like I can attend the parties or anything. But I've been working on a site similar to this one myself although I'll never be able to pull in the star power so I guess I need to earn some karma points. Seriously, this site is wicked cool despite the little creative power users have over their profiles and it's not covered in ads. So hey, I don't mind supporting it when I can....Read more

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Well, I FINALLY got off my lazy butt yesterday and yanked the battery out of the RX-7 and brought it to work with me and threw it on the charger. I put it back in the car today and after a little persistence she fired up. After giving the neighbors a smoke show for a few minutes she finally got into a smooth idle and seems to be A-OK. To make amends for my neglect I took out the bottle of Meguiar's Natural Shine (I LOVE THIS STUFF!) and detailed the interior. So hopefully she feels my love. 

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for Casara...

in response to your "What is it?" entry here is a pic I took about a month ago in my bedroom of all places. I've seen a few mantis here and there during my life but almost always when I'd go camping. I can't recall ever seeing them around my home much less in it.

I was surprised my fish didn't go absolutely apeshit but he seemed to approach the mantis with curiosity. It wo...Read more

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Life's little pleasures

Today I finally bought myself a new coffeemaker. It may seem silly but it's a very exciting event for me. I've had one of those pod coffee makers for a couple of years now and have hated every moment of it. The coffee wasn't great and often times I found myself going without because the pod packs became less common and I wouldn't always have any. But it was pretty and I was broke and at $20 it seemed like a great deal at the time. But today I stepped it up a notch. I got a BrewStation by Hamilton Beach. It may not ...Read more

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Long time no blog

I guess it's been a couple of weeks since I've rambled on a bit here. Honestly there's not much to report. Internet connection issues have kept me from making much use of any free time I had away from work in which I'd normally work on my site. I guess the site is a sore subject in general with me these days. Pretty much every dime I've made in the past year that wasn't used to survive was put into this project. I've spent countless hours in front of my computer working on it. Now I'm ready to go live and I c...Read more

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Back to work

It was nice to have two days off in a row. I must admit I accomplished next to nothing but sometimes that is an accomplishment in itself. I managed to take in another movie yesterday. I guess I'm making up for not going in so long. It's kinda strange seeing movies by myself but I guess even when I'm at home I usually have to watch them alone so no big deal.

Yesterday I saw Rush Hour 3. I started to write a rant about the movie but after typing two paragraphs I've had to delete it. There's just something silly about m...Read more

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