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Long time no blog.  To be honest, nothing too exciting has been going on.

I have been working on the noir with Manny and working overtime and paying off some deposits for the wedding.  Weddings are expensive!!!!

Recently, my career finally took another small step up.

Ambassador Talent, which is a well known talent agency in Chicago called me a few weeks ago.

They said they were interested in booking me for a SAG extra part in a Gatorade commercial.  The commercial was extremely boring to work on, but I met some cool people and no so cool people.

The whole benefit of this is that Ambassador was interested in signing me with their agency.  I had a short meeting with them last Friday and they said they wanted to sign me. They were extremely nice and down to earth.  They have all the connections with all the major casting companies in Chicago and they like to keep their talent to the minimum so they can maintain relationships with their clients.  When I heard them say that, I thinking in my head, why are you signing me out of the hundreds of submissions they get.  Oh yeah, they have very few Asian people in my age range.  They said that  they had one Asian male that booked a lot of jobs through them, but he left for L.A. a few months ago.  So I guess I'm his replacement.

I'm hoping this opens a few doors.  Only time will tell....



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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
congrats!! hope it works out!
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