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Response to my last blog post

So, it has been more than three months since my college life started.Well, first of all, it turns out that I'm actually taking 22 classes per week, which indeed is insane.  Therefore, some time, it is not 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., but to 6 p.m. I concede that I'm kind of crazy by pushing myself way beyond my limit.As to the campus job, I currently work at Subway (fast food). In fact, it's pretty fun to make subs, at least now I know the name of all the ingredients. By the way, Subway has a super complicated oven.As to the...Read more

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Busy to Death

That's it...

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All right...So my lazy days are over for goodLeaving China the day after tomorrowSchool starts within 10 days19 classes per week8:30AM till 4PM, nearly no breaksThinking about getting a campus jobbut no idea where to startThinking about ways to buy super cheap text booksbut it seems impossible to be doneThinking about attending all the classesbut upperclassmen see that as a jokeTons of things to prepareNumerous stuff to wonderEndless possibilities to exploreI guess this is what they call"College Life"

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昨天我们一家驱车来到位于南京河西的万达广场,不禁感叹我国城市化发展之快。我们大约4点到达,此时广场地面上的上百停车位早已被一扫而光,于是我们跟随指示来到了无疑是我见到过最大的地下停车场,大得以至于像迷宫般让回来时的很多人都找不到车(还是在事先记了车停在几区几号的情况下)。地下两层停车场都停得满满当当,要知道河西这地方都不在南京主城区内。Read more

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2010,新年新气象,今天我来和大家谈谈“新”。不过首先,我要先从“旧”的入手。左边这幅旧照想必大家都很熟悉吧,更加广为流传的就是当时的那句经典台词:"曾经有一份真挚的爱情摆在我的面前,但我没有珍惜,等到失去后才后悔莫及..." 打住!有没有人想过他当时为什么没有珍惜?为什么?其实答案显而易见,因为他去探索“新”事物了。不管是一个新的女孩,新的体育爱好,新的旅游计划,总之他抛弃了当时已经拥有的,去开拓一片“新”的天地。

你看过“旧闻”吗?没有吧,大家关注的都是“新闻”。新闻的英语是"NEWS" - "新(NEW)"的复数。时下无处不在的琳琅满目形形色色的广告的目的是什么?服装,食品,家电,哪怕是服务项目,还不就是让你扔下已经有的在去弄个新的吗?这恰恰证明了如今整个社会的潮流就是追求一个“新”字。不仅仅是人,连动物也是如此。上个月,我的鹦鹉就在探索新事物的地驱使...Read more

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首先,祝大家圣诞快乐!!Merry Christmas!!


==============================================就像过春节,过圣诞节是西方人的传统。江苏省交流协会特地为09来华交流生举办了一场圣诞party,并邀请所有联系人(support person)参加。

其实昨天是我第一次见到我负责的德国交流生。虽然对他的长相早有耳闻,不过亲眼目睹时还是被震撼到了。震撼归震撼,我却没能和他聊起来,因为跟他谈话就好似挤牙膏:"今天几点回家?" - "8点"; "为什么不多在南京玩几天?" - "学校不让";&quo...Read more

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Counting down...Prepare for the IMPACT!

University of Notre Dame

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The amazing similarities between Italian and Chinese


Video: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/Tnuz6U8OBcg/

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This is why ancient Chinese ladies were SKINNY!

Few days ago, I went to Yangzhou and visited the famous Ge Garden.  A family used to live there in Qing dynasty. As you can see, it is a very nice place to live in.But what impressed me the most was not its beauty. Let's take a look at this.Read more

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Daniel Wu’s McDonald’s Poster (FAKE)吴彦祖麦当劳广告(假)

Approximately 1000 years ago, ancient Chinese in Tang dynasty favored chubby figures.


So, if both Daniel Wu and McDonald’s existed in ancient China, this is what his McDonald’s poster might look like:

所以,如果唐朝有吴彦祖和麦当劳的话,这可能是他给麦当劳做的广告:Well of course Daniel is not this fat! This is merely for entertainment!当然他并没有这么胖,这只是娱乐大众的 ^^Please DO NOT ...Read more

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Stop existing and start living as a person with malice toward none, with charity for all, and with firmness in the right.

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