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R.I.P PEPE Dedicated to A beautiful, Friend

You are such a wonderful and beautiful person that I was blessed with your grace, and I will never forget the laughter we shared... I have been truely blessed. One day we will laugh again, hug, and talk abt all the crazy stuff.. God gave us you and that I will cherish.. Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0SqHOa08CQ

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Howdee High

Finally alittle time on my hands to spare a few taps on the keyboard and holla to a few, looking back at the beginning of the year to now seems like a lot has happened not just to me but to alot of people both here in AnD and people around me.For one, business has zoomed from minimum to maximum which has allowed me to increase my margin (profit margin that is), and expansion doubles as the new year rolls in keeping my fingers cross that I know what Im doing or if I know what Im getting myself into. Headaches and stress comes with it then when enu...Read more

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My latest Project-work keeps my mind busy in a slow paced world

Finally completed this is the last project I can say is now out of the way. Currently it is its second week weekend viewing with alot of potential buyers.

4x4 which means 4 double size bedrooms with 4 ensuites, Large Dining and Kitchen Area, Formal Lounge Area, Office, 1bdrm include ensuit...Read more

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How far will you go - by Scandalous (Abz)

Missed all ya guyz I mean gurlz, hope everyone has had their fill valentines, tho its not something I concern myself with its all so blaze if  you must, but shoot me down for the day and raise me wen all these crazy festive days are over and done with, life is abt getting thru one day at a time, and frankly my dear its one hellava road to travel with less dramas.

Lately my time has been exhumed with the mu...Read more

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Blog: Tuesday, Dec 23

how do I retrieve my saved entry on my blog. u wrote a story saved it and now I dont know where to go to find it? HELP!!!At the moment I am feeling really happy, well happier actually its just feel so nice finally having him in the same house, heck even in the same country after so long... took alot of persuading, life is too short in my case, and either its now or never. Right? heheehehe, so for all those out there I hope the next few days brings u joy and happiness too

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To Everyone on AND


Wishing everyone a joyous festive season God Bless & Take Care 

zwani.com myspace graphic comments Graphics for Chistmas Comments

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so lost

10pm 1st Dec 2008....... somehow today I have never felt so alone, was today of significance? maybe it is, maybe not either way silence, is how I can describe it.  I wish it cud be different but its not, I wish I cud feel different but I dont. I wish if maybe I made the wrong decision in my life, Who knows. maybe I shud curl close my eyes and pray I never wake. I was never meant to smile. maybe that is my fate.

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why me?

No idea why I ended up in my blog site early hrs in the morning. Dont even know whats in my mind only that Im tired, tired of trying to make life alittle easier and tolerate the dissappointments. tears U ever wonder to yourself that no matter how hard u try your best to support, care, and love those around you coz u dont want to see them suffer anymore than they need to? and everytime you take that extra step further that you forget abt yourself coz theres no place in ur heart to be selfish if you didnt step up to the plate? Im like that, al...Read more

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Time flies wen u lest expect

Where does one start on "time flies wen u lest expect" .... my mind sometimes goes blank, at times I can hear how it plays out in my head but wen I go and bring fantasy to reality (actually I dont fantasize I really mean my imagination runs somewhat unpredictably crazee, anyways as I was saying... time flies,Im a person I guess who likes to spend festivities usually on my own, locked away, or incognito so to speak and usually its just a time of season where I rather reminese, my parents have both moved abode, my dad is ...Read more

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no playlist now hehehehe

Want to thank friend for postinga playlist in her blog recently, after browsing it, and putting up a few of my fav songs on it, I realize that it was kinda kool having to listen to songs that I only can have on it,as most other sites dont actually allow that.... Anyways thanks @friend you saved my sanity. Noticed today while in the SB that alot of my friendz who I managed to chat with, still there and givign it heaps, only to realize that so much has changed since I been away, as I was kindly informed, one thing I do know is that top...Read more

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Even the life that you have-is borrowed (Cause your not promised a tomorrow) So live your life as if every days' gonna be your last Once you move forward don

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