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BBC News just came to HK to shoot a Travel documentary~ It's my honor to be on of the host to take them around HK~!!!!

The show of BBC is called "THE REAL..." the have picked 5 cities around the word, to go around and talk about the real, local, special stuff..~ Hong Kong was one of the cities that they've picked!!~ And I was 1 of the hosted to bring them around~! they wanted to see something more special... not like the normal tourist spots like Ocean park.. Disney...LKF.... So we went to the Tin Hau temple.. then I took them for a foot massage, and to a karaoke bar which owns by my fd in cwb~ Should sound special to the tourist

We shoot went for 13hrs!!!!~ Although we worked for a long day, but it was fun!!~ And it's really nice and exciting that I could be a part of this world wild show, telling ppl all around the world about the place I live in!!!!~

The show is coming out in Sep'/ Oct~~ Will post the showing time once it's comfirmed!


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So Excited!!!!

I'm so excited!!!!~ 3 more day to go, then I will collect the keys for my new flat!!!!!!

I just bought a flat in cwb~ near my parents' place~~ So excited!!~ I've been reading and checking out interior design matrials recently.. ( kinda  turning into an expert now~ heheh... jk) And the coming 2-3 month, I will be super busy getting work for my new flat done~~~!!!!

Can't wait to get it ready~ so hopefully I an move in in the mid OCt~ So excited!!~~ hahhaha~~~

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Long time >.<


Hello there!! it's been a long lomg time that I haven't post a blog up here.... I've been SUPER busy... So sorry about that..

Well... so a brief update... I've been.. working.. and working... Well... I did a few shows, few ads.., hosting some events.. shooting for additorial.. catalog.. etc.. and also been a Catwalk trainer and doing some choreographic job for Shows~!!! It's been really busy, but really fun as well!

I always like keeping myself busy and enjoing my work alot~!

Really want to post some pix, but I guess I got to stop here for now.. gotta prepare for my work la~

Sure will post up some update pix soon!~ xx

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Long time.....

It's been quite a while since I have add an entry~

I've been SUPER busy.... Didn't really have time to handel my own person stuff.... Been doing lots of shooting.. shows... trainning.. choreography.....

Still getting busy this month~ Lots of shows and work coming up~ Well... ofcoz it's good to be busy!!~ I'd rather working like hell!

Will try to keep up with this blog and post pix!!~ Cheers~

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New pix~



Finally got my new shots!!~ Thanks to coobe, the make- up aritst who did a great job!!~ Thoese make-up shots are the print ad for her make up company. I really like the shots! specially the one with hairy eyelashes!~ it was hard to keep my eyes open wide and pose with thoese eyelashes, but it's worth all the hard work! the shots were great!!!


The other black and white shots are the pix from the latest print ad for BEA bank~ this is the 3rd time I model for their print ads~!! the prints we did are always nice and I really like them!! and this time, they sure did keep up the good work! the shots are really nice!!!~

So now that I have gathered so many new shots... it's tme for me the rearrange my portfolio pix!  it's gonna be hard work and gonna take quite a while... as I have to decided which shots to keep and which to get rid!!.... but I like all of them!! it's gonna be hard!!!!~ But after it's done~ I'm sure I will have a really nice and well arranged portfolio!!~

Thanks to all the great make-up artist, photographer & asst. producer and all my clients!!~ you all did GREAT!!

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Back to work~


After 3 day of holiday....( which I didn't really get to rest.. as I had to take care of lots of my personal stuff) I have to get back to work!! Gonna have a busy week...

I have a event tmr at Solars.. then another event in central on fri and a shooting before that.. and working also on sat!~ Well... it's always good to be busy!!~

hopefully I get to hang out with my friends and relax a bit on the weekend!~ So now, I'm all ready to WORK HARD!~

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Spot Light - Me!!!

Thanks to Alive not dead for putting me in the spot light today.  I'm flattered!! 

Had a busy day today! Went for a shooting that booked me for 4 hours but lasted only 2...Thank God!  As I was not feeling well, think I might have eaten something wrong.  We must be careful with our food especially in summer.  Went to fix my phone and visited an agency.  Wanted to go to the gym but thought I'd better take it easy today, till I get better.

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Miss Exhibition pageant 2008 is coming up soon!


The Miss Exhibition pageant is held every year in Dec. This year, I'm going to be involved!!~ But I'm not running in the pageant... I'm going to be the Official Choreographer and Trainer for this year's event!!  I have to train the 10 girls in basic model knowledge, Catwalk & posing!  Also I am in charge of the choreography for all the events!!~ It's gonna be fun! But I'm sure I'll be quite busy in the coming months... I have to get prepared really soon!

Had a meeting this evening with my partner, Carvin, from the Bloom Face Models and Event Management Agency.  Everything seems well for the time being. Hope we can manage to do a kick ass show this year!!   Thank you, Carvin, for inviting me to be part of this show!~

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Blog: Wednesday, Sep 10


After having dinner with my Mom and bro tonight, I did a little shopping before going for a manicure.. and Why did I need to get my nails done today, it's becoz on Thu I'm going to have a shooting, which my hands will be shown.. and the client needs me to remove all my gel nails!!!!!! and now I only have my plain nails......Missing my pretty  gel nails already...  I surely will get them looking pretty again soon after the shooting!!!

My dear bro is going for a holiday to Shanghai tmr with his friend~ Lucky him~ I need a holiday too!!~ Hope he will have a fun a safe trip la~

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busy week~


Been missing out to write my blog here the week as I have been very busy!!~ My dear brother, Gregory has just came back to Hong Kong for good after graduating from his pilot traning in UK!!~ Starting to look for a job, hopefully here in hk~ As a sis, ofcoz I am very proud of him! Hope he will keep it up and wish him all the best!!~

On the 1st of sept, was my dear Friend Joyce's birthday!~ didn't have a praty that night, but she came to my place and had some girl talk for the night~ and on wed, Joyce, Nadya, Mike, Sirius and I went to party at Dragon-i!!!~ will post sonme pix up when I get them from Nadya~ We all had fun that night!!~ didn't get to dance much though... sure will catch it up next time!!~ But it was so fun to see Sirius dancing!!~ Sirius~ you were great!! heheh..

And on Sat, was Joyce's bday party, and as a good frind of her, ofcoz I had to stay till the end.. which was 6 am! and.. as she always liked.. to have after party at my place.. till 9am the next morning!!!! Well...~ as we are still young ( not really that young!!) and still have that energy to go crazy once in a while.. it's ok to keep my good friend happy and do what she wants!

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