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Sing Ho Hainan Chicken Rice

Best ever Hainan Chicken Rice in S'pore. This is my first time I ate the best one in S'pore. My friend, Leonard bought me to Middle Rd to have dinner together. Never thought the chicken same with Ipoh Lou Wong Nga Choi Kai. So soft & smooth. And plus the chili always the best mix with blended ginger + sesame oil. I think they used the chicken oil together in the blended ginger. The rice taste good, they used the chicken oil as well to cook it. Yummy... 1/2 chicken , 2 plates of rice, a bowl of soup, coke & lemon tea total bill is S$14.60...I think is cheap & I love the taste of the chicken =)- Get a try @#Sing Ho Hainan Chicken Rice 266 Middle Rd, 188991, Singaporep: 63367880

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