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Paul & Sai Wing @ S'pore

Autography by Paul @ Changi Airport Sai Wing cleaning his hand & meet up with us @ Lunar BarNever thought, I meet Paul personally for 2 days. I'm so happy and excited. I went to his stage performance on Sat night @ Lunar. I really enjoyed Paul & Sai Wing's performance very much. Every moment are my 1st time. I meet Jacqualine for 1st time and she bring me to Paul & Sai Wing's event for 1st time too. 1st time clubbing at Lunar. My 1st time dinner meal at Swensens. My 1st time got so many HK friends. Some friends from M'sia, also 1st time meet them. Photograph with Wing for 1st time. 29th August, 2009 & 30th August, 2009 are my best ever day for me. I hope my 1st time to HK soon to visit Ka Keung & late-Ka Kui.And may be people thought me got a bf that hugging tightly. But he is not. He is Sai Wing's asst. I still remember myself drunk. Maybe too long I didn't take alcohol, myself terribly drunk and grab the glass of beer and give him a treat. After I saw the picture of myself with him, I look at the photo and kept asking myself what happened to me. Why I hug him so tight? Why I photography with him suddenly? I really don't know what happened there. In my heart, I'm a bit happy, coz a stranger can make the photo looks great for me. I just wondering, how many of you all wish to ask me who is he actually. I wish to meet him again to take another nice picture. Happy to know him as friend =) 29th August, 2009 & 30th August, 2009 @ Lunar Bar & Changi Airport Terminal 1

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Im not an artist but Im a music lover. You can add me as friend & share about the music especially rock music :) 只要有音乐就不会有世界末日

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