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黃家強×黃貫中《一生樂與怒 This is Rock N Roll》Live in Kuching 2011

Ka Keung at arrival Kuching Airport...Yuen jai, the ex-member of BEYOND...Paul at check-in point Kuching airport...The hotel that we stay...Beer time~![](/attachments/2011/01/23/02/505736_201101230256531.thumb.jpg)ka Keung with me... yeah~~!!![](/attachments/2011/01/23/02/505736_201101230256532.thumb.jpg)Paul said " see you later... "Kevin & Jimmy - my idols too... Yeah... The autograph~! The RnR poster....The FREE shutt;e bus to Stadium Perpaduan for RnR concert...Our entrance - VVIP/VIP/PS1My VVIP ticket with Paul's autograph...  Groupie photo...With other fans...Our idols...They're rocks~![](/attachments/2011/01/23/02/505736_201101230236431.thumb.jpg)We're rocks too....~![](/attachments/2011/01/23/02/505736_201101230241201.thumb.jpg)Funny act - Kevin (Drummer of the day) aka LMF member...Paul at Departure Kuching Airport...Closer view of Ka Keung...Bye bye Kuching...~!

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sweet! Paul Rocks!
over 8 years ago
Photo 158692
i wan!!!!!!
over 8 years ago
Photo 158692
wher ican get it!!!!???
over 8 years ago
Photo 505736
ah ming... alice grab it from Cream shop at Times Square KL ler...
over 8 years ago
Photo 505736
Etchy@ Yes... Paul Rocksssss on that night, man~!
over 8 years ago


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