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BlackList Lunar

Beyond's Fan Club from HK, M'sia & S'pore are dissapointed with Lunar's service for the Paul & Wing's concert. Clubbers smoking around but no security alert. Clubbers drunk and poured the liquor on my shirt. Some like wanna start fighting around with others. And I didn't see the support & respect from the clubber who reserved the tables. From 8pm - 10pm, we stood & couldn't get a drink also with S$38 ticket. We tried to get a table but no offer from Lunar. I wondering why not offer the limited ticket seems Lunar has limited place? So many times the DJ repeated the words to welcome Paul & Wing. Should playing all Beyond's background music or something special & not techno music. And the most dissapointed thing is to even allow reserving of seats at the upper level. And make us wait 2 and a half hours before Beyond come out we gotta move back because the place is reserved. We hardly to get this chance, Lunar shouldn't take back the Beyond's ticket. We can't have it to keep as souvenir.

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Im not an artist but Im a music lover. You can add me as friend & share about the music especially rock music :) 只要有音乐就不会有世界末日

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