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Controversy: War and God

Before proceeding please check out the site below and read the article and watch the video.


If the link doesn't work go to yahoo and look in the today box. It should be available on the tabs at the bottom of the box.

Quite frankly the video made me a little mad. I mean c'...Read more

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If anyone's out there...

Please pray for my family.

I was informed this morning that my aunt's father in-law passed away.

On top of this, my cousin just called to inform me that my Uncle Mike (mom's oldest brother and also a police officer) was hit by a car today while directing traffic. He has a level two brain injury, fractured skull and overall just really banged up. My cousin said he was consious when they brought him to the hospital but couldn't remember what had happened. They've called in a neurosurgeon to come and ...Read more

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It's beginning to feel a lot like...depression.

I've never really struggled with depression. I got what's called "grey" depression when my parents got divorced. Which basically isn't really depression but means that I just got really apathetic about everything. I just didn't care. And I got over it.

Now, though, it's a little bit different. Two weeks ago I was informed by my boss that he's shutting down the cafe. This is the place that I've spent the last two years of my life working at. The people I work wit...Read more

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All I Want...

People always ask "what do you want for your birthday?" and my usual reply is money. Which is true for this year as well. But the one thing I've always longed for but kept a secret because I don't think I'll ever get it is this.

I want my father to tell me he's proud of me.

In the almost twenty three years of life I've had I can count on one hand the times my father has told me he's proud of me. Maybe he thought it more than he said it, but I only ever heard the words out of his mouth just those...Read more

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The Power of Prayer

Okay, so recently my best friend Chelsea started coming to church with me. This in itself is an answered prayer, but apparently she decided to start coming because of a really great talk we had about religion and church, and apparently my enthusiasm was contagious, lol. It actually started with why I started coming to church and that was becasue of my cousin Laura. Well, Chelsea's step-daughter Loren  and my cousin Laura are the same age and in the same class at school. They're friends even if they're from different cliques. B...Read more

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God Fix

So, for a very long time, I haven't been going to church. I'm not proud of this fact, but that's just the way it was. I was being selfish with my time.

At first it was simply because I more than likely had to work on either Sunday or Wednesday, or both. Then once I lost my second job and had the free time, I just didn't go. I once expressed it to my mom that I didn't want to go back because people would make me feel guilty and be all like "Oh, Amanda, where've you been? We've missed you so much!" So, my m...Read more

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Almost an entire year gone by...

So according to the last entry I made on here it was the weekend of my sisters wedding. Heh...yeah next weekend will be my sister's and brother-in-law's first anniversary. And there's a lot that's changed. Well, maybe not a whole lot, but enough to where I'm struggling with things.

The good thing about this blog is that I know that there aren't going to be a lot of people reading it. Which is good. It means I can rant and bitch and try to figure out what I'm doing via written form. Which is...Read more

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Let the wedding bells ring!


Well, my sister's wedding is finally over! Don't get me wrong, I had a blast, but I had no idea just how much work it was to be someone's Maid of Honor! No one told me all the stuff you had to do, lol. Like the whole being the one to calm the bride down thing, yeah alot harder than it seems. But I did enjoy every minute of it. And on top of that my entire family got to be there. AND my cousin stayed for her birthday, her first birthday in 28 years where the ENTIRE family has been there. So of course, there wa...Read more

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Forever and a day

Okay, so yeah, it's ben forever since I've added any sort of blog. And this probably isn't going to be much of one, lol. There isn't much that's happened except for the fact that I work all the time. I haven't had much time to do much of anything, much less blog. I did finally get to go on a bit of vacation and so I went to Georgia to visit my family. I had an absolute blast, though I had to pay for it. I worked both of my jobs everyday this week. 55 hours total. I'm so damned tired I can hardly form coherent sen...Read more

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A little help throughout your workday!!

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Okay, so I really need a new haircut...And, as I squint at the TV I think my eyesight might be getting worse...not good.

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