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Nikolay Rubtsov

Dedication to the friend my dahlias Freeze. And last nights are close. And on комья turning yellow clay For a fencing petals fly... No, me will not please - that you-! Lonely wanderings a star. Have flown by my planes, Have whistled my trains. Have hooted my steamships, my carts Have creaked, - I have come to you to days of a bad weather, So all right though water give to drink! To not tear to me everyday circuits, to not dash away, eyes burning, In пугачевские free steppes Where the soul of the rebel walked. To not tear to me painful communication With long autumn of our ground, With деревцом at crude коновязи, With cranes in a cold distance... But I love you in days of a bad weather And I wish you for ever That your steamships That your trains whistled hooted!

Nikolay Rubtsov.

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Most, most........

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Ты письмо мое, милый, не комкай, До конца его, друг, прочти. Надоело мне быть незнакомкой. Быть чужой на твоем пути.

Не гляди так, не хмурься гневно. Я любимая, я твоя. Не пастушка, не королевна И уже не монашенка я-

В этом сером, будничном платье, На стоптанных каблуках... Но, как прежде, жгуче объятье, Тот же стах в огромных глазах.

Ты письмо мое, милый, не комкай, Не плачь о заветной лжи. Ты его в твоей бедной котомке На самое дно положи.

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About music!

Recently I have got stuck on the Asian music. Interestingly why?)))

One of my preferences I have given Korean group "TVXQ"-it young, interesting and talented group! It is a little about ней: Dong Bang Shin Ki-It is one of the groups of Asia most popular on today, consisting of five " Ascending Gods ", known, as U-Know Yunho, Hero JaeJoong, Xiah Junsu, Micky YuChun and Max ChangMin. They specializes in dances, singing, актёрстве, and their music is a mix pop, RB, hip-hop and fate of sounding there is some. All of them are madly talented as singers and dancers. And certainly they borrow a leading position in the Asian show business. The name of group Dong bang Shin ki (DBSK or DBSG) is translated as " the Gods ascending in the East ". Also they are known, as Tong Vfang Xien Qi (TVXQ) for the Chinese fans and Tohoshinki (THSK) for Japan. Bпервые Dong Bang Shin Ki officially debuted at concert BoA (very popular and known Korean singer) and Britney Spears in December, 2003 (though actually before they already acted). They have acted with song Hug from their first single and O Holy Night, executed together with BoA.

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Simply I LOVE!)))

I love a life... In fact another such at me will not be... I Love night... That is able to listen and store secrets... I Like to be such what I am... Because another to be I am not able... I Like to be silent... Sometimes silence means much more, than thousand said words...

I Love... I love... I love...


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With will in a shower!

" My will will generate the future. Whether I shall suffer defeat or I shall achieve success-will to depend only on me, and from anybody another. I-force. I can clear away obstacles in the way or get lost in a labyrinth. It is my choice; my responsibility; to win or lose, only I have a key from my own destiny " Э.Максвелл

 " you can to agree or disagree with it. You can realize it and force the brain to work on yourselves or to neglect everything, having allowed a brain to work so, that you will be constantly pursued with failures. But the validity, in кторой you live, will be always created by your brain ". John Kekho

Bez of comments...................             


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Would be more correct to name a theme on another, but it at spring as is impossible to a place.

I have looked one of these days new clip Бьянки and have understood, that in a life it is a lot of that not so good. Especially in love! So looking at a clip you reflect, that on past that there is a greater beautiful love, but there is also a MEEK LOVE or artful-it we see in this clip:



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Page on the Internet!

Each of us has "things" which we do not divide even with native to us people.

One of such "things" is and at me.

My page-it practically a key to me there is themes блогов which you will not see more anywhere. But references всеже ladies:

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Strange songs!

Group " Cinema " in particular В.Цой-it the alive proof of that that all in this world eternally and not eternally! 

Legendary group with the legendary executor. Its songs are not easy in understanding and storing. They demand ACTIONS, MUTINY And EXTRAVAGANCE!!!

Long time of its song other time and other life has been forbidden in Russia, but now!                                            

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