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  • About Winter And protection for sensitive dry skins.

    Sunday, Sep 16, 2007 6:15PM / Members only

    Winter protection for sensitive, dry skin. :

    Winter is not the best season for our skin as it seems to become sensitive and dry, with  a sense of being stretched and pulled.The reason is that it looses it natural hydration due to the sudden changes in temperature.

    Cold outside, then warm inside, our skin suffers and it urgently needs treatment with products that provide hydration and nourishment. The skin on our face is very easily irritated because of the disturbances in the hydro-lipid film meaning the natural lipoids that retain hydration and create resilience.I suggest a soothing, hydration cream from the Calmance series by Roc, Soothing Moisturiser that enforces natural defense and prevents reddening of skin, Aqua plus face cream from Aromatherapy series of Apivita with calendula extracts, Aquamilk by Lancaster that combines mild and the extract of three plants and water. Similar hydration is necessary for the skin of our body which should be applied while it is still damp. Avoid having hot baths and showers as it deprives your skin of its natural oils and can cause the blood vessels to crack. Prefer bath products with neutral pH index. All women deserve a beautiful soft body.

    I suggest Daily Moisturising Lotion by Aveeno with softening qualities due to its oat content and Body Butter by Korre natural products with quince that is ideal for the vulnerable areas of elbows, heel and knees.

    Cold weather also affects the hair that looses its bounce and moisture. Use the appropriate products that will nourish and also protect from the heat of the hair-dryer.I recommend shampoo Bain Satin from the series Nutritive of Kérastase,  the rectification mask Anti-Casse of Elvive by  L’Oréal Paris, the Speed-Dry Styling Spray from the series Winter Hair Collection by  Frederic Fekkai.

    Skin care for beautiful complexion at any season

    We spring clean our homes and change our  wardrobes; why not do the same for our skin???? There is no doubt that the face receives most of the attention and it is only fare that it is offered the best care.

    Irrespective of age, try to acquire the habit of cleansing your skin daily, morning and night, with cleansing cream and lotion.It is important to allow the skin to breath, releasing,skin pores from the “weight” of make-up, air pollution and body toxins. Once or twice a week, at home you may also do peeling and then apply a facial mask to complete the pampering.


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  • all about beauty

    Saturday, Sep 15, 2007 12:57AM / Members only


    Hi Everyone Welcome to my new profile.My name is Rinha and I study hair styling artist ,nail artist ,body painting..wedding make up..Make up for for photography and many tools.I love my job . I have been inspired to be the best makeup artist I can be. Everyday I wake up with the excitement of knowing that my career is all about making people look and feel even more beautifuI.   Each person is unique and requires a perfectly different approach.The approach of Make up(personalised make-up)it analyzes the profile of Face.(corners, colours),and lead to the suitable make-up and suitable colours...and products that should be used.This is also your magic make-up, That will show the beautiful side of your face and you will make impressive appearances.Select Style of Make up that  satisfies you more...

    Leave your imagination free and you think how you would want to show without restrictions and limits. Dare to play with coloursA natural, golden color will cheer us up and also make us look sexy. ... Ranging from fuchsia to pale pink, all shades, of the most pretty spring color, inspire a romantic mood. This year ... Red is the color of love and passion. Daring, fiery and sexy it returned dynamically this winter as it took ...

    Metallic tints definitely stand out with gold and silver eye shades that give a truly dramatic expression. Those more daring among you can replace the dark colors of winter with intense shades of blue, pale blue, green or lilac. Those however, who prefer something more subtle can focus on the lips and cheek bones instead of the eyes. Lip gloss and lipstick in pink, red, orange as well as neutral colors offer brilliance and naturalness to the lips, while pink and peach tints of rouge accentuate the cheek bones and light up the skin.

    I love the fashion and everything around beauty.I visit this web page because I'm Fond of jet -li and sung kang.. I love chinese movies and culture. Well i m new round here and Im little lost..  I like photography its my hobby I love music and good movies... I love to get know new coultures and people.. Take care all

     I love Max Factor. They have great powders, fab mascaras, and easy to smudge eyeliners.

    Small beauty tips:

    What you are aiming for is a natural look,make sure you select a product that is, maximum, two shades darker than your natural skin tone.If not, the result may appear unnatural and not at all flattering.

    I suggest you apply cosmetic products one at a time and not all together If the result is too faint it is easier to add color rather than to remove it. In the probability.that you do apply more than you want, remove by patting gently with a tissue.

    Apply powder on your face with a large brush, not forgetting the neck, chest and ears.

    A suntanned skin does not go well with heavy make up. Avoid bright, intense colors and prefer coral and peach colors for rouge, black mascara to make your eyes shine and lip-gloss for a bright smile.


    Innocent and sexy, the color of spring, is pink!

    Ranging from fuchsia to pale pink, all shades of this pretty spring color, inspire a romantic mood. This year pink prevailed in fashion shows and only naturally, it is now also playing lead role in make-up.Pink is an easy color and can be worn from morning to night beautifully accentuating facial features.In rouge it gives the check bones a healthy and fresh visage in lipstick and lip gloss it offers a cool, shinny and young sense to the lips and in eyeshadow, it makes the eyes sparkle. Pink eyeshadow can be worn alone creating a more discreet effect or it may be combined with other colors like green and silver for a more daring appearance or grey and purple for a more sophisticated look!

    Be careful however when it comes to choosing make-up because pink foundation best suits light complexions.



    Make-up … in Red ( Colour of passion Lets Talk about Red)Lips:Here applies the golden rule stating that only one facial feature at a time should be emphasized. Red lipstick definitely draws attention to the lips and therefore you should not apply too much make-up on other parts of the face. A light eye shadow, or eye-liner, mascara and light color on the cheekbones is enough. Red being a very strong color it should not be sloppily applied.Take care to remove any dry skin from your lips by gently rubbing them with your toothbrush. Wear lip balm for hydration and apply the lipstick over the top with a little brush, for best results. Tampon softly with a tissue. Finally, if you want to add shine, apply lip gloss. 

    Red is the color of love and passion. Daring,fiery and sexy it returned dynamically this winter as it took center stage among the most prominent make-up trends, provoking women to paint their lips with an intense red lipstick.Wear it with confidence and leave your mark.

    NailsDo not hesitate to paint your nail red when you decide to wear red lipstick. Some things just simply go together and add the final touch to an appearance. Nail however should be taken care of and not too long. If you cannot do a manicure, offer your self the luxury of professional treatment. 

    And never Forget to choose the right perfume for you.Apply it where your pulse beats. A few s on your wrists and behind the ears and you will be ready to wrap him in ethereal magic!


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    Happy New Years from everyone at alivenotdead.com!
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    Hi friend, hope u r fine there ! can u pls help me to find the meaning of the name "RINHA" ..looking forward to hear from you !
  • posted on Saturday, Aug 16, 2008 6:01PM  [Report]
    好久没来, 过来走走
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  • Official artist 
    posted on Thursday, Jul 24, 2008 1:52AM  [Report]
    Happy birthday!!
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    happy birthday 2 U !
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    Happy birthday!!
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    welcome back...
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    how u doin sweety ;)

    HAPPY fluffy VALENTINE's

    one world universal love
    Un monde d'amour universel

    Een wereld universele liefde
    하나의 세상이 보편적 사랑을


    a.mandy「美知る」  -☆
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    how you doin"?
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    I have words to want to say the space coming to me takes a look at to you!
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    Are you very busy??Do not see you for a long time!I will be busier , look like being to disappear in New Year!May keep you in memory therefore!
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    Long time no see U!
  • posted on Sunday, Jan 13, 2008 2:21PM  [Report]
    Long time no access to the Internet, because schools have to test, so every day in reading, it is now summer vacation, I can easily to the
  • posted on Thursday, Jan 10, 2008 2:53AM  [Report]

    akemashite omedetou gozaimasu
    happy new year
    Prosit Neujahr
    Hauoli Makahiki Hou
    Felice Nuovo Anno

    ■■■◣ ◢■■◣ ◢■■◣ ◢■■◣
    ■ ■  ■ ■  ■ ■  ■
    ◢■■◤ ■  ■ ■  ■ ■■■■
    ■    ■  ■ ■  ■ ■  ■
    ◥■■■ ◥■■◤ ◥■■◤ ◥■■◤ 

    may it be a new bloomin year ,the tym to fame ? *who knows wat the future holds*

    I know been sometime I gone, hahahahhahaha,, now iM tryin to be back X)

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    Long time no see! How are you doing?
    Merry Christmas!
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    Shift to an earlier date congratulating your Christmas Day happy!
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    Merry Christmas!=)
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    Hi,my dear !How are U?
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