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Violet's Cakes

OMG! Peanut butter frosting is so good! Everyone should try it!

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MLK Weekend 2007

The highlight of my MLK weekend was my mini one day road trip with my friend, Margie, to Ojai, California. After walking all of one block after parallel parking my car, I made a mental note to never use Budget Travel again. Ojai is a boring little town with a crappy farmer's market and nothing else. Hmm..maybe Ojai wasn't the highlight of my MLK weekend. ...Read more

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New Year's Resolution!

I know I'm a couple of days late, but here's my New Year's Resolution(s)...

  1. Lose 10lbs.

  2. Find a job that I like (I hate banking).

  3. Save enough money to either (1) move to New York, (2) teach English in Asia, or (3) travel for a couple of months.

  4. Figure out what I want to go to grad school for.

  5. Think a little more thoroughly about the things that I want to buy. Every year I look at the clothes and other junk that purchase and realize that half...Read more

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I'm Home!

I've been home since December 18 and I am still sitting at home every day. I am really disappointed in the HR department. How long does it take to transfer? Two months? So last week I decided to start searching for other jobs. I really don't like banking, but I thought transferring would be the easiest way to make my move back home a little more smooth. I have bills to pay and really do not appreciate not getting a salary.

On a happier note, I've been able to spend some holiday time with my family and friends. I was sick fo...Read more

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I'm Home, but I miss San Francisco

I've been home since last Monday and have been sick for about a week. I donated my whole closet to the salvation army to make room for all of the clothes that I have acquired over the past year in San Francisco. I went to the mall once since I've been back and I hate it. I hate indoor shopping. It feels so weird after shopping in Union Square for a whole year. I kinda miss North Beach (the Little Italy of SF). So many memorable meals there. I heart my avocado cheeseburger w/blue cheese from BurgerMeister. The la...Read more

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Saturday, December 16, 2006

I was walking around Union Square with a friend today and a guy comes up to me and asked "do you think shopping will save the economy?" I smiled, stared at the ginormous Christmas tree inside of Neiman Marcus, and thought to myself "I love shopping and I really want to buy that tree!" Five minutes later I asked my friend, "did someone just ask me if I thought shopping would save the economy?" He smiled and I realized he just purchased $400 worth of presents for his girlfriend in less than hour.

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I'm Thankful For....

I love Thanksgiving. I love it for all the good food, no school, no work, Celebrity Thanksgiving on the food network, family, friends, and being lazy without any guilt. As I was rolling around this morning I thought about all the things in life that I am thankful for and here are just a few:

I'm thankful for my friends. I really lucked out on this one. To be 23 and to say that I have great friends that I can depend on (even though some are thousands of miles away), to laugh with, eat with, and cry with (not that I do mu...Read more

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My Car Accident Part II

So I hit a car, now I have to pay for it. $1600 for my careless driving. I could've bought myself a lot of jewelry with that money.

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My Car Accident

I hit a car for the first time today. I should've been more careful, but shit happens. I scratched and dented a black mercedes. I got out and apologized to the lady that I hit and she was understanding and very nice. I seriously thought she was going to yell at me or something, but she didn't. We chatted a little and blocked traffic for ten minutes. I told her I was transferring back to LA and found out she worked for UBS. Bleh! Shit happens!

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Remember when I used to make these?

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