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Pre Promotion Poster

Check it out guys: Mister Reni Wong just created a first poster for Reiki The Movie!

Don't forget to tell him you like it!


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Diary 001: First Steps


Alright, so we had a cool concept, one director, one actor and 2K to shoot a feature film.

So now we needed: more money, the rest of the actors, and more important a scrīpt!

And here came the idea for the money: why not have people donate some money to the movie, and the ones that donate would get an associate producer credit and would be able to participate in the shooting of the movie.

So we created a "first" website, where people could vote for their favorite props, for choices in the stor...Read more

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Diary 001: How it all started..


Starting today I'll be doing a diary relating the whole story and process of how Reiki was created! From the pre-production to the post!

So how did it all started:

It was december, right after the 48 Hour Film Festival and The Mirror. And me and Davide were thinking about shooting a new short film.

Davide managed to get 2K for a potential short film, so there I started writing a screenplay in French for an action-comedy short film called "Le nettoyeur" aka "The Cleaner"...Read more

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Our cast and crew on AnD!

Hi all,

of course a movie is never a one man show! It's a combination of labour between several people!

And here there are!

Let's start with the Crew:

And th...Read more

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Thank you AnD!

It's an amazing honor to be partners with AliveNotDead for Reiki The Movie.

This will be the Official Blog for the Movie Reiki, where I'll put interviews of the cast and crew, making-offs, a journal and much much more, specially for you folks on AliveNotDead.

Some of our actors are also on AnD and the same goes for crew members, but that will be for a different blog entry.

So why AliveNotDead as a blog for Reiki The Movie: because AnD is one of the most friendly environments to promote artists and movies, to sha...Read more

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Welcome to the Official page of Reiki The Movie on AliveNotDead!

Here you'll be able to see exclusive pictures, videos, making-offs, interviews and much more concerning the whole process of this movie!

I hope you'll enjoy,

Reiki The Movie Team

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