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During the Inquisition, Tomàs de Torquemada, created "The Order", a special section of the Church that had to stop the reincarnations of witches through the ages.

To stop the reincarnation of a witch, they would have to kill the witch using the sword "Reiki". By striking a witch with "Reiki", their chances of reincarnation would be annihilated, and fatal death would take place.

Since, the "Reisha" incident during 1603, the sword Reiki disapeared from the face of the earth, and since then, members of the Order and witches are on a war through the centuries.

The story starts, when Vann wakes up in an abandonned place, after a nightmare of him during 1603. Unfortunatly he isn't able to remember anything except his name and some flashbacks. With him is Hansel, a man having the same symptoms as Vann. Both men, seem to have a feeling of déjà-vu and a new friendship starts!

Deciding to find out their whereabouts both men leave on exploration. During their exploration, they rescue a woman, Reisha, that was being hunted down by five men: Marcus, Gin, Ant, Kino and Glass, all five members of the Order.

Vann and Hansel being gentlemen, decide to rescue Reisha, and kill Ant in the process. Weirdly enough, Ant comes back to life after a few seconds, this time trying to kill his old friends. Taking their chance, Vann and the rest manage to escape while Marcus , Gin, Glass and Kino finish Ant off.

In the meanwhile, Vann and Hansel are getting more flashbacks of Vann escaping with Reisha in 1603. And their friendship together.

Soon they get caught up by Kino, that goes mano to mano with Vann, while Hansel and Reisha run away to take cover. In the meanwhile, Marcus, Glass and Gin, are searching the place for Reisha when suddenly the dead rise back to life, surrounding Marcus and his group, but also Hansel, Reisha, and drawing the attention of Vann and Kino to this major battle.

During this battle, they all manage to defeat the living dead. It turns out the place they are, is a witch graveyard since the existence of the Order. And the powers of a witch seemed to have awaken the place.

Unfortunatly during this chaos, Vann manages to flee with Reisha but loses Hansel, who goes a separate way. Hansel fins himself lost, struggling with his memories. Memories of Vann, Reisha, and a man in a black cloak. When, he is suddenly stopped by two men from the Order.

Vann in the meanwhile interogates Reisha about what exactly is happening. Reisha, tell Vann about the Order, but stays quite elusive on the matter.

Continuing their search Marcus and his party, are stopped by their boss, a man in a black cloak and his two underlings Elijah and Isaiha.

Now Vann and Reisha find themselves hunted again, but this time by Elijah and Isaiha, who Vann manages to defeat after a difficult and tiresome fight.

Vann's flashbacks get worse by the moment, he starts to remember Reisha's death, a man in a cloak. When, they are suddenly surrounded by a man in a black cloak and the whole party.

But who is this man? That's up for you to find out in Reiki The Movie.

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