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On monday we finished shooting the feature film Reiki The Movie after a very difficult 10 days!

We were already short on time, with only 10 days to wrap a feature film and guess what happened: we lost the first three days of the movie.

The first two because we had a mini35 adaptor that was malfunctioning and on the third day all the footage from a P2 card suddenly disappeared!

So in the end we only had seven days to wrap the movie which was almost a mission impossible, but we would have made it if our soundman didn't decide to not show up twice and fuck up our shooting! But then again, we survived! And manage to have 90% of the movie in this small period!

And ofcourse there will be some reshoots!

Also don't forget our pre-sales of the DVD! All the money will go into the production and post! Specially now that we have a reshoot! Info about that on www.reikithemovie.com

And more pictures and videos are coming soon! :-)


And here is a bonus picture of Pedro Chaves and his AD Koen De Jongh digging Reisha's grave at 3am in the morning in the middle of a forest!


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