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  • The month of Awakening

    Thursday, Feb 16, 2012 4:55PM / Standard Entry / Members only

    Spring Awakening has finally opened in Singapore and I am so grateful to be a part of this amazing production. 

    As an artiste, this is opening new doors for me. I've been surprised at the response of my singing and can only say that it's been a huge new lesson: for me to stop thinking I need to sing "perfect" and that there is NO perfect. Many a times, without being aware, that sense of insecurity as an artiste or performer, whether they are discovered or not, creeps in and causes huge self-doubt. Another lesson from the universe is that I must stop expecting. It baffled me at the things I got upset about without even realizing that they were ridiculous expectations I placed on myself or on others, that things had to be a certain ideal way instead of breathing each new moment to stay present. All in all, I'm learning to put my focus on people that appreciate the work I do and appreciate me for me. And for those that don't, that all the more it shouldn't be a "fuck you then" conversation, but an accepting attitude that everything happens for a reason and the bigger picture will reveal itself. 

    I'd like to thank Lim Yu Beng, my acting teacher who is also coincidently the Lighting Designer in Spring Awakening. Yu Beng, I remember you being harsh with me back in school. But Adrian told me recently that it's because you believed in my soul, that pushing me was the way to go. And it is. You often, as an Acting teacher, never censored your feedback, which I appreciate because it only taught me to really ask myself what was more important and then to go for it. Your lighting design is amazeballs by the way. Last night, while standing by for the last song, I looked at the stage lighting details, I took a deep breath in and felt the warmness I needed for the song. 

    For those who aren't in Singapore you are missing out on this awesome show! 

    This production is so important to me not just because I've been valued as an artiste. Adrian & Tracie Pang have really gone the distance to take care of us and respect us during the whole rehearsal period. They have gone through great pains to make this production happen in Singapore. Perhaps I'm stuck in a bubble too much but it shocks me when people still don't know what Spring Awakening is about. It is SUCH AN AMAZING STORY. I'm learning to rediscover new passions because I care about the message of this story. The cast are amazing, the people that we reach out to and who appreciate the story are amazing. This is the first production I've known of, where people who've watched it, come back 2 or 3 times. 

    Again, this is a story that should reach out to everyone who knows a teenager or who has been a teenager. Because it is such a tender time, we forget how everything is heightened as a teenager - JOY, SADNESS, PAIN, SORROW, CONFUSION, EXCITEMENT & ANGER. This story is so important because it CAN actually save a life or two. And if you care enough about someone to remind them not just of hope & love within angst, but of relevant issues of today's society - suicide, homosexuality, teenage pregnancy, parent-child relationships - then please watch this production and support our cause. We are truly passionate about this and we would like to extend that passion through to YOU. 

    Thank you to those who have also come from overseas just to watch our production! 
    Special mention goes to a musical theatre fan Tiann Nerng Chong, my friend LezAnn's younger brother who came all the way from KL just to watch us. xoxo

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  • limyubeng
    Official artist 
    posted on Monday, Feb 27, 2012 8:23AM [Report]
    yeah pat, it's a gorgeous pic, and she's a gorgeous human being!
    becky, you're wonderful. thank you for such grace, and i truly applaud your performance, but also your wisdom. and as i've said before, you have an ability to embody such wonderful things, warmth, depth, and love, that they must truly come from from within. i'm proud to be associated with you, and you can bet i'll still be a voice in your ear through what looks like it's gonna be a loooong career!
  • rottendoubt
    posted on Friday, Feb 17, 2012 9:49PM [Report]
    nice, this is a great pic!

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