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Finally !

It was faster than expected ! I'm finally in my little home with internet and squirrels on the parc. This is so good to be home ! I have taken some pictures but I don't have them actually right now so... maybe later ^^

I thought about what I'm doing right now. Studying... I've stopped modelling for a while and I really miss it. Tomorrow... well maybe, I will go to a talent agency and beg them to take me ! Ahaha.. hm... yes that would be cool

I also would love to share mor...Read more

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Moving in my appartment !

I was in Quebec for a little week of holidays. Coming back to Montreal tomorrow. I am so excited ! I found a little appartment just near the Uni and I will move in it. I can't wait to be in my own "Home Sweet Home" !

As it's totally new, I won't have the internet access for maybe a week... maybe more. I hope it won't be too long. I will have the time to work on my scenario one last time. I want it to be perfect ! Read more

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Introducing myself...

I am a french born islander. I've lived in Tahiti and New Caledonia nearly all my life. I just moved in Montreal, a beautiful and huge city. Well, huge for me as I always lived in small islands, this is quite a change !

I came here for studying purpose and much more. In fact I am a comedian, screenwriter and also model, though I keep on with my studies. I have a Law degree and currently beginning an Anthropology degree at the University of Montreal.

I just finished to write a scenario and I hope to find some good peo...Read more

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"You can't change what you are ! You must fight your demons and overcome your fears. Only there can you defeat the Bad that is in you"

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