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Joyeux Noël !

Hello everyone ! I'm sorry that I didn't have time to answer to all of you yesterday. But it's never to late so HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all my friends and all the members of AnD.

I hope that all your dreams will become reality, never give up and always trust in you. If you don't, no one will. Enjoy the time with your friends and family, that is the most important. I was alone for this night and I can tell you that's really hard to be away from your parents and friends on this moment of the year.

Joyeux Noë...Read more

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Yipee !

I'm proud to announce that Borja has now his own blog, you can check it out here : Borja on AnD

I hope you will be nice with him and listen to his wonderful music !

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Mercenaries 325 Characters & Costumes

Finally Ladies and Gentlemen, here it comes ! The little video made just for you, to present you the main characters and the costumes.

I hope you will enjoy, the music was once again composed with great talent by Borja B. Gabriel : http://www.myspace.com/borjabgabriel

Images were taken from drawings of Heise and Shiramune from dA and the video editing and text was made by me.

Please, comment in any way and tell me if I made mi...Read more

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What's next ?

Well it's a hard time for me now ! I'm working every day, every minut on the movie project and I can assure you, if it's produced one day, you will love it ! I put all my heart and soul in it.

I wrote so many mails those days, to agencies, producers, actors... phew, so many things. But I still find the time to breath and I did something for you.... yes ! I created another little video to explain you more about my characters and also the costumes.

Currently Borja Gabriel (the composer) is working on the music so w...Read more

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Mercenaries 325 Teaser

The project is going well ! I've met a fabulous composer, he's from Madrid and his music comes from Heaven. I really love what he does. So together we worked on a little teaser for the movie and here it is !

Of course, I don't forget D'In (no no no !) neither do I forget Manny. I must thank him for the encouragements !

I have to tell you, it's really quick ! Tell me what you think about the music and the text ! Enjoy...

Video: Read more

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Something important

What is really important for me is to share cultures. That's what I love about travelling, about meeting people, about just exchanging opinions... I was born in France but I'm tahitian in my heart so here is my culture.

I just uploaded some images for you to see and I really hope you will feel those little moments of joy that they bring me each time I look at them ! Despite the party during which they were filmed was made for our dance teacher's death, this was a big moment of happiness and love for all of us Read more

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Mercenaries 325

Un monde rongé par la soif de pouvoir et la haine. Un peuple déchiré par la rage de conquête toujours plus grande de son dirigeant. Un gouvernement corrompu prêt à tout pour se hisser au sommet. Même dans le noir le plus complet, une lumière d'espoir peut surgir. Look into your heart and you will find your courage !

I'm sorry I couldn't start to write in english, dunno why ! So today I've decided to share with you the theme of my story. I would love to receive any comments, good and bad as well. Critics always help to...Read more

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Anything but Schyzophrenia

This is just a text, feelings expressed through words again. It's about schyzo as you can guess by the title ! I wrote it for D'in first but here it is. Please, tell me what you think.Silence. Are you here ? No answer.                       Emptiness.Say something. React ! But no, you can't. You are nothing. Just imagination going through my brain. Just a piece of thought.Where are you ? Nowhere. And everywhere. Am I crazy ? I'm not alone. You haunt me. All the time, you're always here. My mind, my soul, my hear...Read more

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Opel Corsa

An add made by Imag'in for the new Opel Corsa that I received as a one year gift while I was Miss NC

Video: http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=qCFZa8BVppI

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Here is a little film I found on my old Cds. This presentation was for the Asia Pacifica Beauty Pageant Show. It was really a cool evening. We were all guests on this beautiful hotel, it was a bit cold outside but was so fun ! I really enjoyed it.. though my dress was a little too tight and my heels were so high !

Video: http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=Ppha49g87ho

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