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What's next ?

Well it's a hard time for me now ! I'm working every day, every minut on the movie project and I can assure you, if it's produced one day, you will love it ! I put all my heart and soul in it.

I wrote so many mails those days, to agencies, producers, actors... phew, so many things. But I still find the time to breath and I did something for you.... yes ! I created another little video to explain you more about my characters and also the costumes.

Currently Borja Gabriel (the composer) is working on the music so we have to wait but it should be done in maybe one or two days. I will upload and post as soon as possible !

To make you wait, I will reveal you something... two of the actors I wish to have on the cast : Garrett Hedlund and Jill de Jong.

Garrett is best known to be Patroclus in Troy or Mortagh in Eragon.

While Jill is the "Angel of Darkness" official Lara Croft model !

Okay you can laugh now ! I know I dream but without dreams, life would be so boring !

Lots of kisses for all of you and stay tuned for coming information

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hehe it's great work for u and i will it's very good and fun just do u best my firend frighting hehe
almost 13 years ago
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in writing, creativity is the hardest thing to com by, and you have it in abundance. I wish you all the best for the project. I like the concept very much
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