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Mercenaries 325

Un monde rongé par la soif de pouvoir et la haine. Un peuple déchiré par la rage de conquête toujours plus grande de son dirigeant. Un gouvernement corrompu prêt à tout pour se hisser au sommet. Même dans le noir le plus complet, une lumière d'espoir peut surgir. Look into your heart and you will find your courage !

I'm sorry I couldn't start to write in english, dunno why ! So today I've decided to share with you the theme of my story. I would love to receive any comments, good and bad as well. Critics always help to get better.

So here we go ! Destruction, greed, war, courage, friendship... these are the words that describe the best my world. A world ruined and consumed by hatred and despair where the landscapes are nothing but infinite deserts of corrosive dust.

Living in the dirty streets of the Dark District, the people is starving, oppressed by the new Governor, Keo Gliese. The only hope they have is the rebellion that grows slowly in the shadow. A group of mercenaries is leaded by Moz, a young and brave soldier. Helped by his four friends and companions, he will soon enlighten the lives of the people and become the new leader of a huge Freedom War...

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Awesome idea, I really like the sound of it. Because you are creating a whole new world and exsistence you are able to let your mind run wild and will not get tied down by the constraints of having to use non-fiction. Good Luck with the story
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"You can't change what you are ! You must fight your demons and overcome your fears. Only there can you defeat the Bad that is in you"

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