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Introducing myself...

I am a french born islander. I've lived in Tahiti and New Caledonia nearly all my life. I just moved in Montreal, a beautiful and huge city. Well, huge for me as I always lived in small islands, this is quite a change !

I came here for studying purpose and much more. In fact I am a comedian, screenwriter and also model, though I keep on with my studies. I have a Law degree and currently beginning an Anthropology degree at the University of Montreal.

I just finished to write a scenario and I hope to find some good people to trust and help me getting started ! I wish to become a professional actress, this is my biggest dream. I have quite a good experience in acting as i took about seven years of acting class. I also used to dance for many years. I was a model when I was younger and I love to be on stage.

I registered here just for Daniel Wu... I must admit ! I love his way of acting and I found this site quite interesting. I wish to meet cool people. Plus, as i am currently trying to learn chinese, this may help !

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hello welcome moved in this beautiful and huge city, me too!
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"You can't change what you are ! You must fight your demons and overcome your fears. Only there can you defeat the Bad that is in you"

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