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Finally !

It was faster than expected ! I'm finally in my little home with internet and squirrels on the parc. This is so good to be home ! I have taken some pictures but I don't have them actually right now so... maybe later ^^

I thought about what I'm doing right now. Studying... I've stopped modelling for a while and I really miss it. Tomorrow... well maybe, I will go to a talent agency and beg them to take me ! Ahaha.. hm... yes that would be cool

I also would love to share more pictures with you but all my books are in boxes and I can't get them until.. I don't know when ! I will do my best to find some on the internet or ask friends and then I will post more.

Tomorrow (yes, many things to do !) I have to go to author protection agency to get back my writtings so I will soon be able to share some details of my story with you too. Ah... so many things to do ! I love to be busy !

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I'm glad you enjoy keeping busy, cause it certainly sounds like you will be for quite sometime. You are very artistic with stories, photos, modelling. Look forward to learning more, Glad you are settling in the home quickly.
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welcome back to your space, how is your holiday,rage?so many days passed, i have been waiting to you for your photos. hope you can post it onto the net asap and share your seeing.
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