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Anything but Schyzophrenia

This is just a text, feelings expressed through words again. It's about schyzo as you can guess by the title ! I wrote it for D'in first but here it is. Please, tell me what you think.Silence. Are you here ? No answer.                       Emptiness.Say something. React ! But no, you can't. You are nothing. Just imagination going through my brain. Just a piece of thought.Where are you ? Nowhere. And everywhere. Am I crazy ? I'm not alone. You haunt me. All the time, you're always here. My mind, my soul, my heart. Even in my blood.                                 Posession.You drink my energy. I feel you. My time is over. You are me. I am you. We are nothing... and everything. Together. Always.                 Is it a long time ? Eternity.In my veins, your thirst. Passion. You are the Life.     Mine.How can it be ? So different yet I can't live without you. Asking you to go. That would kill both of us.             Child.             So frail.My Dark Side. I Love you and Hate you more. This is not about me now.I will take the decision. I'm the only one who can. Is it a dream ? I'm not that strong ! Did I kill them ? No... I did. Who are you ? You ! And Me. Don't deny it. You know everything.                             You called for me.Now I am here. Don't be afraid. No. No need to fear me. Come ! No ! Silence again. I hate silence. Speak to me. React ! But no.There's nothing. It is just my...

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Good thoughts on Schizophrenia, very good in fact, for people suffering it, in thier mind it is the loneliest, yet busiest place on earth, many inner bullies tormenting the mind and nobody to stand up to them.
over 13 years ago
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I may be crazy for thinking this is not that insane...I could follow that "stream" of consciousness...Easily...
over 13 years ago
you've nailed it.. feels very much for the inner battle...
over 13 years ago
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It's good, you shld write more!!
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"You can't change what you are ! You must fight your demons and overcome your fears. Only there can you defeat the Bad that is in you"

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