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Raining!!!!!!!!! Keep Raining

Raining is not a good mood for Photographing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats mean We must stay at home!!!!!!!!!!! 

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My favourite reporter Now


黃婉曼 Icy Wong

APM world cup functions MC

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Thats inseane Hardpack were too Crazy!!!


吳雨霏 Kary 被惡漢迫影相 - 情義兩難存之玩爆你個腎 Link


This video is upload in Monday Magazine.

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Good songs


歲月無聲@2003Beyond Live in HK


活着便精彩@2003Beyond live inHK-This song is not composed by Ka Kui!!

http://www.youtube....Read more

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BLOG: 6月27日

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朱紫繞(Khole Chu) Good Voice!!!!!!

朱紫繞 (Khole Chu),今年2010年ge樂壇女新人之一!!!

She is a good singer and is a new singer in HK Her first voice Apperance is in a Cantonese film on2009 call 保持愛你 she sing a Theme Song with Willam So @ (Big Now,on 2010 she has her first album and she will pratice more singing in the future

She is a HK People but when I met her in a function on Saturday,She said to me she will sing more Mandarin songs not Cantonese songs.On the future She will realease her first mandar...Read more

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Wong Ka Kui@(Beyond) Birthday(10/6/10)

10/6/10 is the birthy of Wong Ka Kui

The Band Leader of Beyond before,Died in Japan on 30/06/1993

Please RE:SPECT to Wong Ka Kui forever......!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great person make Great Song and Greatperfromance in any live show...............

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---盆景貓???!!! Buy for any reason???

I think it for a long time already. After I heard about that news I feel very scared and shame why HK people can do this kind of thing.Buy a cat and put it on a bottle. This move is like you murder a peple or an animal because when you put it in the bottle it may be cannot breath, so it may be dead. Some peop...Read more

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Please support Local Cantonese Filmsss!!!!!!


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April 9, 2008