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Raining!!!!!!!!! Keep Raining

Raining is not a good mood for Photographing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thats mean We must stay at home!!!!!!!!!!! 

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My favourite reporter Now

黃婉曼 Icy Wong

APM world cup functions MC

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Thats inseane Hardpack were too Crazy!!!


吳雨霏 Kary 被惡漢迫影相 - 情義兩難存之玩爆你個腎 Link

This video is upload in Monday Magazine.

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Good songs

歲月無聲@2003Beyond Live in HK

活着便精彩@2003Beyond live inHK-This song is not composed by Ka Kui!!

許志安 - 尖尖尖 (MV) [完整結局版]

RubberBand 細街盃 MV  Special band in HK!!

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朱紫繞(Khole Chu) Good Voice!!!!!!

朱紫繞 (Khole Chu),今年2010年ge樂壇女新人之一!!!

She is a good singer and is a new singer in HK Her first voice Apperance is in a Cantonese film on2009 call 保持愛你 she sing a Theme Song with Willam So @ (Big Now,on 2010 she has her first album and she will pratice more singing in the future

She is a HK People but when I met her in a function on Saturday,She said to me she will sing more Mandarin songs not Cantonese songs.On the future She will realease her first mandarin Album.

Please suport her New ablum.........I forgot where I put her photo May be i show you next Time 

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Wong Ka Kui@(Beyond) Birthday(10/6/10)

10/6/10 is the birthy of Wong Ka Kui

The Band Leader of Beyond before,Died in Japan on 30/06/1993

Please RE:SPECT to Wong Ka Kui forever......!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great person make Great Song and Greatperfromance in any live show...............

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---盆景貓???!!! Buy for any reason???

I think it for a long time already. After I heard about that news I feel very scared and shame why HK people can do this kind of thing.Buy a cat and put it on a bottle. This move is like you murder a peple or an animal because when you put it in the bottle it may be cannot breath, so it may be dead. Some people think bought a pet just for playing or jus for fun,but I don't think so. You buy a pet you must keep it safety, let it have a great home to grow up. Also you buy a pet is not for play or just for a toy. you must have a responsablity to make it happy. Not to make it unhapppy     

I this f##king news, I saw that They think a pet is just a toy. They didn't think it is a life.why she have to do this on her blog she said this--- Bound feet and bonsai cat: a few months the Japanese will be a large cat into the jar, with a special small tube feeding and excretion, to give the cat feeding a kind of chemical drugs to promote bone softening. Square bottle cat could not move, not itching can not clean themselves, a month later, the cat's body starts to coincide with the square bottle shape, and the final square, in the bottle as full bonsai, the first of this "art "of the Japanese as" bonsai cats. "   In chinese


This just a horrible things But the more idolt is---

我已早删掉原文了,但我寫完不夠10分鐘已有千多評論 删掉後大家說是逃避不該删,都不知怎好 我說"yeah" 是以爲大家一看便會知道是假的 > 因為我前面的post是有寫過這件事的!我希望大家會諒解,我真的沒有虐待動物的心,对不起浪費了大家時間!!!--In Eng

I have already deleted the original, but I have not finished more than 1000 comments have been deleted 10 minutes after the escape should not say that it is deleted, do not know how good I said "yeah" is a look that everyone will know is falseThe> because I have written a post in front of the matter!I hope you will understand, I really do not have cruelty to animals in the heart, I'm sorry we wasted time

She say that also養盤景貓就不會再晤見!!!


養盤景貓就不會再晤見 XD

I know she has been delete the post you you cannot cover this news You have post this pessage and the photos It cannots cover it and many friends on her blog just said she did very wrong But some said Give her a chance! Young is easy to make mistakes!I believe she is not malicious!We are all young!

that was worng wrong and wrong because she is not a teenanger,she is an adult already she have her mind and thinking ,she was not reasonable to do this idolt things and after this news come out she didn't respon immedately and just let her mother to respon in the interview 

What a Horrible Lady!!!???

My mother and my father are her officemate of 唐貝詩Mother




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