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後搖樂隊 WhyOceans 首張專輯  三地巡演發佈 

成立於2005年的WhyOceans,《At Land》為樂隊成立至今首張專輯。從專輯名字《At Land》源自美國實驗電影教母Maya Deren同名作品,到WhyOceans混雜著後搖滾、英式搖滾、迷幻搖滾的獨立風格,都充滿著濃濃的電影感,而結合錄像、默片的現場演出,讓WhyOceans的現場演出帶著極大張力,更多次獲邀到兩岸三地的音樂節上演出。 

WhyOceans的首張專輯《At Land》,由曾邀請日本Mono、World's End Girlfriend、瑞典Ef等著名樂隊演出的香港Chopxticks Entertainments製作及發行,作為香港少數的獨立廠牌,Chopxticks Entertainments更是專門以後搖(Post-Rock)為主,早前同樣發行香港後搖樂隊Fragile的首張專輯,更深受香港著名樂評人袁智聰盛讚。 



門票在廣州TU凸空間(淘寶網預售)、澳門邊度有書、澳門天域...Read more

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RE4CT presents – EN STEREO and A.V.I.U.S. dual album release party

EN STEREO “Self Title Release” and A.V.I.U.S. “For Better or Worse”Featuring :The Artifacts (Tame One & MC EL Da Sensei w/DK Kaos)DecaIchibanDeejay TenseDJ Cysko RokwelEn Stereo x RE4CT tee will be available at the party.  Be there o...Read more

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Artifacts "Wrong Side Of Da Tracks"

**** OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT **** En Stereo (Mane Rok & Es Nine) Album Release

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Happy Chinese New Year from RE4CT


┏┯┓┏┯┓┏┯┓┏┯┓┏┯┓┏┯┓ (\ /)

┠恭┠┨賀┠┨兔┠┨年┠┠快┨┠樂┨ღ( . .)ღ

┗┷┛┗┷┛┗┷┛┗┷┛┗┷┛┗┷┛ c(”)(”)❤

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Mane Rok showing his love on RE4CT Signature Watch

The Denver hip-hop super-booster, Mane Rok, shows his love on RE4CT latest collection on his Facebook page.  Nice touch.


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RE4CT Spring 2011 Collection

Happy New Year to everyone. 

At the new year day, RE4CT present our limited release Spring Collection to you.  It will be available at our online store soon.  If you want to own one now, contact us directly.

Read more

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There is a lot to know about me, but one thing’s for sure; my soul finds its passion in creativity and innovation.

I was raised in the foothills of Northern California. Not quite “Snow Falling on Cedars,” but a far cry from “Beverly Hills Cop.” My parents run a stained, etched, and carved glass studio called Visions In Glas...Read more

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Music For The Week - WhyOceans


Tell us a about WhyOceans and the people involved ?

WhyOceans has been 5 people for about 5 years, and is now 6 from the beginning of this year. Jase, Jackal, Tommy and Kev have always formed the core of the band, then Ellison joined about 2 years ago, and finally Guill dropped by. We’re a good mix of what can be foun...Read more

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Post your Halloween outfits here to win a RE4CT tee at your choice

Hey Peeps, I'm sure you all have an amazing Halloween outfitts. Post your outfits here to win a RE4CT tee of your choice.

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WhyOceans is the special guest for Live in Macau @ LMA {XL}


All live music fans you should check this out.  Live in Macau @ LMA will be held at LMA {XL} this Friday (29th).  Our boys WhyOceans will be one of the special guest in the show together with Buddhistson (Japan), The Lovesong (HK), plus : "Let's be groovy again" psyschedelic Art Exhibition by Groovy Group.  Don't miss it. 

For further information, check out WhyOceans event page at Facebook :        Read more

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