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Semper Fidelis Anno Domini Sanctus

Reverend Dr. Richard Locke Ph.D.

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In case anyone is interested, I am now a Guild Member in the USFG.  All the jewels I make are directly from my mines in California.  If anyone is looking for a new source of Jadeite then you need look no more because I have much Jadeite cut and polished and many colors.  (Including green jadeite).  NaAlSi2O6

Sifu Locke

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Circumstances are not always a choice, how we respond to circumstances is a choice.

Reverend Dr. Richard Locke Ph.D. (Theologian)

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Daesh and Paris analysis

1.) Warriors kill Warriors in battle, for Honor, Glory etc. 2.) The definition of a Jihadist: A Muslim Holy Warrior. 3.) The Daesh personnel in France that murdered with intention unarmed civilians were not Jihadists but merely murderers.

Archaeology, War, Revolutionaries and Terrorists: Objective analysis

I will start in the beginning with Hammurabi and Cuneiform text printed upon clay tablets, the first true alphabet in the world. Hammurabi, he created the first government regulatory codes in the world. They ar...Read more

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True Science, begins and ends with objectivity.

Dr. Richard Locke Ph.D.

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If you don't have a sense of humor then don't read anything I publish on Facebook.

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Origin of Species (New Translation).

There are two primary theories that offer an explanation for the existence of the Universe. In both those theories there are those that believe either: 1.) The Universe is Finite. 2.) The Universe is Infinite. The first theory is that God (The Creator) created everything. The second is the Big Bang Theory. What is the difference between the two? In the first theory some believe that God created The Universe that is infinite and some believe that The Universe is finite. Most (in the first theory) believe that God c...Read more

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A Miner's perfect old lady: (Squaw) 1.) She chops the firewood. 2.) She plants the garden. 3.) She cooks the beans. 4.) She pours the whiskey. 5.) She cleans the guns. 6.) She sharpens the bowie knife. 7.) She doesn't talk after sunset.

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Theonymn; defined as: A correct name of God. Theonymn is a term used in the onomatology field of study.
Example: YHWH would be considered an ancient Jewish Theonymn.

Written by: Dr. Richard Arthur Locke Ph.D.

Copyright 2015 Richard Arthur Locke

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