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I have invested much money in over four decades in prospecting with no return.  I finally have received a return on my mining investment.  The majority of my Jadeite is Class B but I have acquired over a hundred carats of flawless class A Jadeite.  I will not offer my Class A Jadeite for sale above five carats (except upon exceptional consideration), it is mine, the Class B is now for sale.  I will beat the price of Myanmar  or Guatemala Class B Jadeite.  My Jadeite is of the highest quality with no fractures.  I have many other jewels but consider them of no value compared to the Jadeite so I hesitate to even offer such for sale..  All the Jadeite is cut into bricks to 3000 grit. 

Dr. Richard Locke Ph.D.

 Post Office Box 6822 Los Osos Ca.  93412

Upon special request NAJA papers can be provided or samples (Class B) can be provided, with one exception;  a Class A sample of Jadeite will be provided to Jing de He upon request.


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The Curve Ball and Causality

 The curve ball (baseball) and space, time curving.  What does baseball have to do with theories concerning curvature of space and time you might ask.  For all of you that have read physics theories based upon space and time curving, allow me to explain.  What causes a baseball to have a curving trajectory when a pitcher throws a curve ball?  The baseball is a volume and the pitcher puts a spin on the ball as he releases the ball, because of the spin the ball has less resistance to the air on one side and more resistance on the other side as geometrical progression occurs.  Simple aerial dynamics.  If the pitcher had a ball (sphere) of vacuum (space) in his hand and threw the ball through the air what would happen?  It is not possible of course for a pitcher to have a ball of vacuum in his hand is it?  Space does not have volume, does not have velocity or trajectory therefore space cannot curve.  Time is not a volume either.  Time is a method of measuring movement of volumes through space, the base unit of time is a second, a second is an increment of time.  Therefore time cannot curve.  How many calories did you eat today?  None!  You cannot eat a unit of measurement, you can only eat a volume of food.  A calorie is not a volume.  A calorie is a unit of measurement of energy released by consumption of carbohydrates and your body converting those carbohydrates to glucose for energy thereby releasing energy from your body in the thermal state measured in units of calories.  A calorie represents an increment of energy in the thermal state.  Sifu Richard Arthur Locke Copyright 2013 Richard Arthur Locke     

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I write these words.  These are my words.  There have been many famous people that have published their words on the internet claiming the Japanese are not allowing anyone else in other countries to go to Fukushima and help with this Global disaster.  Those words are lies!  The Japanese have sent in volunteers that know they will die to go to Fukushima and deal with this terrible circumstance, no one will show up to go to Fukushima to battle this great Evil that threatens the whole planet because they are cowards afraid to die.  The fearless Japanese that are battling the Great Evil at Fukushima to save the world stand alone and will die for their efforts, if they fail we could all die.  Who will be fearless and join them in their efforts to save the world?  Who will go to Japan and offer to help?  Who will help by offering potential solutions?  It is far too easy waving a finger of blame for this disaster, how about constructive criticism instead of condemnation!  Sifu Richard Arthur Locke Copyright 2013 Richard Arthur Locke 

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Blog: Thursday, Nov 7

   I'm not very old but my hair was turnin' white, I looked in the mirror and knew it wasn't right, then a friend came along and he saved the day, he gave me the cure, Yerba Matte    Yerba Matte, Yerba Matte, I really love it, drink it every single day, you'll love it too, you'll be feelin' OK, if you start your mornin' drinking Yerba Matte.Sifu RickCopyright 2013 Richard Arthur Locke       

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Final Battle

Torment of a broken soul, once before so long ago,left the battle lost the war, musicians played the final score to Heaven singing Hallelujah  knew it was his time to die, still raised the banner held it highsinging Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah.          Sifu Richard Arthur Locke Copyright 2013 Richard Arthur Locke

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Jade Dragon

I am a Shaolin Taoist Sifu.  Here is what I was taught and here is what I teach.  From the Tiger you learn Power and Tenacity.  From the Crane you learn Poise and Grace.  From the Mantis you learn speed and accuracy.  From the Snake you learn rhythmic endurance.  From the Dragon you learn to Ride the Wind.  I am the Jade Dragon from the House of the Jade Dragon.  May health and happiness always be with you on your journey through Life.Quitters never winWinners never quitSuccess is the only option. Sifu Richard Arthur Locke Copyright 2013 Richard Arthur Locke   

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Once upon a time

Once upon a time when I was young it was great fun for my friends and I to tell werewolf stories then dare each other to walk through the old cemetery at night on a full moon.  It was a fun way of finding out who was afraid.  Fear of the unknown is a real human condition.  There is nothing to be afraid of but fear itself, fear offers no solutions.  The reality of Fukushima is a fact of life the people of this planet now have to deal with so do the correct thing to protect yourself and do not be afraid of werewolves or radiation.  There are no werewolves but there is radiation from Fukushima so if you buy a Geiger counter then you can protect yourself.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure so here is a hot tip from Sifu Rick.  If you need to cool radioactive fuel rods in a cooling pond then you do not want an emergency back up generator on site.  Have an underground electric line going to the cooling system at the power plant.  All of the power plants are not going to go down at the same time.  Each of the power plants can have an underground electric line going to every other power plant cooling system so the cooling system in an emergency will not fail.  Here is another way of doing the same thing.  Fifty miles away from each power plant is an underground bunker with emergency generator with an underground electric line going to the power plant.  Is the price of such a system too expensive?  Compared to the cost of having another Fukushima it is a cost that should be shouldered to ensure safety. Sifu Richard Arthur LockeCopyright 2014 Richard Arthur Locke Copyright 2013 Richard Arthur Locke

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Freedom of Speech

What is freedom of Speech?  What government allows freedom of speech?  Does that mean citizens are ALLOWED to speak freely?  Who ALLOWES us to speak freely?  Can anybody speak freely without being persecuted?  Martin Luther King said,  "I have a dream!"  That one statement did it have anything to do with freedom?  Do you believe in freedom?  Will you fight for freedom?  Can you live without freedom? Sifu Richard Arthur Locke Copyright 2013 Richard Arthur Locke

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Poets for Peace

 Title:  Dream(The music of;  His eye is on the sparrow.I shall never feel sorrowno matter life's burden or tollJesus paid for my tokenspaid for the sins of my soulGod's Love soars with the Eaglewatches from The Heavenly ThroneGod will never forsake meno never will I be aloneI sing because I'm happyI sing because I'm freeGod Loves all the little childrenyes I know God Loves even me.signed;  the poor Poet. Copyright 2013 Richard Arthur Locke

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Business for Dummies

Have you ever heard someone tell you about the new business secret that made them rich?  Have you seen similar advertisements on television advertising the new business secrets that will make you a millionaire?  There are a million and one scams in the world, please do not be a victim of any business scams.  There is only two things you need to know in business to be successful.  1)  YOU are not in business to make money.  YOU are in business to make PROFIT!  2)  Buy low and sell high.  These are the only two things you need to know before you open up any business.  If you are a dummy like me then let me explain to you step by step to make it easy for you.  Step 1)  PROFIT:  When you invest money into your business, say $100.00 then you have made an expenditure and you must show a return (profit) on the hundred dollars otherwise it was not an investment but an expense.  If you lose money on your expenditure then that is a deficit (loss).  Simple arithmetic;  You spent hundred dollars and your return was less than hundred dollars making it a deficit expense.  To make profit on your investment then you must:  Step 2)  Buy low (wholesale) and sell high (retail).  If you borrow a hundred dollars for another expenditure because of loss on your return then you are in debt and you are now (deficit spending) money on your business.  Sifu Richard Arthur Locke Copyright 2013 Richard Arthur Locke

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