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Diabetes: Myth and Facts.

The Diabetes Myth: There is no cure. If you believe in this Myth then you are doomed. The Diabetes Fact: There is a cure. The search for the cure is the path that leads you to the cure. What is Diabetes? This is a circumstance (biologically) that involves 'Harmonic Imbalance' in the human body relative to; glucose (blood sugar) in excessive amount (volume). Excessive nutrients in the human body of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins or minerals, creates a condition know as toxicity. The human body operates on three sources...Read more


Dancing, with an olive in his hand not because he felt the need he only wished to plant the seed.

P.S. To acquire the branch you must plant the seed.

Reverend Dr. Richard Arthur Locke Ph.D.

The path of least resistance is the most efficient path, but resisting inefficiency is a beneficial path.

Reverend Dr. Richard Arthur Locke Ph.D. Guild Member USFG

Genius is the highest level of knowledge. Genius will never overcome Patience. Patience is the means to acquire Wisdom. Wisdom will always overcome Genius. Thus: "Be patient and make the right decision."

Reverend Dr. Richard Arthur Locke Ph.D. Guild Member USFG

9/11 Analysis

"Those that refute the 'Laws of Motion' the loudest, demonstrate the greatest ignorance."

"If anyone believes that two aircraft striking two buildings caused three buildings to fall straight down at free fall velocity, then let them drop two peanuts into three empty beer bottles at the same time."

Reverend Dr. Richard Arthur Locke Ph.D.

When you learn to love yourself unconditionally, then you are ready to share love unconditionally.

Natural born citizen and citizen analysis.

A child born with both parents having the same citizenship is automatically a natural born citizen of the country of the parents with no decisions required. A child born with the Father and Mother having separate citizenships requires decisions. The child upon becoming an adult must decide whether to become a citizen of the country of the Father or of the Mother if the child was born in a country of the Father or a country of the Mother. The country of the people the person has chosen must then accept the person ...Read more

9/11 Analysis

I recommend asking Elon Musk his opinion, he is quite the expert on; 'Laws of Motion'.

Meaty Bone Analysis

My cousin was a personal Chef for the Hearst family. I got my hands on some Hearst Meaty Bone and my sister and I both agreed it was the best beef we had ever sank our teeth into. (Range fed Beef) I have just recently discovered that Donald J. Trump has his own line of steak (Meaty Bone). When I get my hands on some of that good stuff I will barbeque (on oak bark) some Hearst Meaty Bone and some Donald J. Trump Meaty Bone and will publish the results on Facebook. Soon we will know who has the best Meaty Bone.

Dr. Richard Arth...Read more


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