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Asia Contemporary Final Round! Please vote!

Hey guys i made the final round for the asia contemporary art show this year! Please check out the asia contemporary fb page!. so so happy to be included in this prestigious award. If you like my work then please take the time to follow this link to their page and click like on my picture. The work with the most likes will receive the peoples prize. Cheers guyshttp://www.facebook.co...<a href=Read more

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Upcoming exhibitions

Exciting times ahead for 2013...

Im going to have work shown at the Affordable art fair (HK convention centre March) and the hotel art fair (Mandarin Oriental February)!

For regular updates and to check out my progress, inspiration and whats on in Hong Kong check out my facebook page:


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Blog: Sunday, Jun 10


Pen and Spray Paint

Just in case you guys thought i had given up / slacked off...Some people say God is in the detail, others say the devil is in the detail. For me good or bad the soul is in the detail. 

Based on an old photo by Hedda Morrison. The image is reworked with detailing to express / unlock the soul and contrasted with a contemporary urban background. The piece questions the growth of Hong Kong, regeneration and the struggle of its residents. The soul and the soulless...Read more

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Heres a well put together video of the show Re:volution:



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Here are some pics from my most recent group art show (around June)! Done on the theme of circus - hope you enjoy! :

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The postcard concept

As our urban condition becomes more transient and globalisation takes a hold so our identity within the city begins to get lost. Im intrigued by concepts on the urban condition particularly aspects of globilisation and gentrification. As a result I drew a few pieces on postcards. The postcard to me has always been the ideal city... an image. However the postcard image becomes so picture perfect that it lacks soul or belonging. The individual is not represented. I drew a series of portraits on the reverse of postcards to challenge our con...Read more

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As a young architect Im drawn towards our urban environment. Im fascinated by the way spaces generate memories and the transition from space to place in the human psyche. This has been particularly influenced from my life in Hong Kong where I have witnessed the city tear itself up and constantly re-determine itself in some endless bid to find the perfect city. Hong Kong is one of the most transient citys in the world and prides itself on its lack of singular national identity. As such it is incredibly vibrant and diverse but then as the people change...Read more

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Wo... I have a artist profile. The beginning

Wow I had no idea that I had been given an official artist profile! I now feel bad that I have nothing on here so here come some prettty photos of old work that ive done...

Here is one of the first pieces I drew with ink a few years ago now. My aim was to use lines to caption more emotion and give it a weathered feel:

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