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Blog: Wednesday, Jan 28

Happy new year~ I have a new drama recommend to everyone!It is called my queen/defeated queen, it is talking about   Shan Wu Shuang, a 33 year old beautiful, hardworking yet single woman, meets Lucas, a 25 year old romantic and handsome regular worker? There is an 8 year age difference – what kind of story would then be created? A story that will let us laugh and let us cry. I’m not defeated! I’m the Que...Read more

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stay warm...

it is really cold right now~

stay warm!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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bald crisis

Due to fact of economic crisis and etc.....

people now have more and more stress

guys be careful

too much stress is not good for your body and be careful to be bald

Take care & stay warm!

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Louis Vuitton Soundwalk

Randomly check the official website of Louis Vuitton.....

This time they have a really unique& innovative project  called " Louis Vuitton Soundwalk"

They  invited 3 famous Asia actress to introduce 3 different Chinese cities!

The music is really good (be honest!)

When I heard the music I felt fully relaxed.....

personally, I have been those three cities before, but I have never been to the places where the video introduced..... (especially Hong Kong)

Hong Kong in the video...Read more

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Macau for fun!

I just randomly search some clips on Youtube

and I found this travel program ...Fun Taiwan

I really I like this episode because it let me change my view towards Macau!

Rite now I add Macau into my travel list (Thx for the TV show!)

SRY! I have problem with uploading the clip

Here is the link


Hope u will like it!

Happy thxgiving!

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a lovely mv to share~

Video: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=bxbM6EMfGc4

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新不了情<<< introduction

a really good TV show!

I watch this TV show because of Fiona Si ( I used to like her as a singer but now also love her as an actress....)

This is a really old story but be played as a TV version this time!

I assumed that everyone has watched this show before......STILL too good to not share!

PEOPLE who NOT watch...should go watch NOW!

haha~ sad story but cont...Read more

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How is everyone's life?

This summer is so intense for me!

but I really have fun with it!

Cry..laugh...and be crazy!

I haven't slept well for so long!

It is time for me to take a break and enjoy my vacation until my school year restart!

How about you guys?

hope u all have fun!

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COUNT down for Beijing Olympics~~

The Beijing Olympics is right on the corner

It is really a pity that I could not go there...

However, I would put my eyes on.....

plus, I heard the opening is wonderful...

I am excited!

Video: http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=cGUyxe0btIs&feature=related

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Life at SU....

This might be the most unforgettable summer for me.....

I am in SU san Francisco...

I really like this school....

But IVY is not really joking around.

I have so much work every day and feel so stressful....

I hope I could over it and get used to it

Have a happy summer~

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