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One week in HK

I had a really busy week in HK, went for Fashion Week to take care of the Japanese buyers and ehixbitors and also spend most of night time for partying!

Raffi-san took me to many parties and I met a lot of people there,  the most suprising thing was that I met my friend working for BEAMS at Undercover party by chance! We didn't know that we are in Hong Kong that time. It's really a small world.

So glad that I could join the party of Undercover cuz DJ Kan Takagi was my idol when I was a teenager! He still plays cool music;)

The last day, went to macau for the first time. I like there a lot, old building, church, shops,,,the portugese food i tried was very good! wanna go back there again;)

how come there are so many Chinese from mainland at the drug store?? Are there very cheap things there??

Enjoyed sooooo much in HK! will go back in 2 weeks, c u guys real sooon again:)

Patrick-san, Raffi-san, thanks for taking me to many interesting places!




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Apparently the Mainland guys buy stuff in the HK or Macau drug stores because they don't trust the stores in China (china doesn't just make rolexes!) ;-) it was great to have you down here, looking forward to the next round!
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Elena dd unset 18
wo..cool la la
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Photo 24273
When are you going to HK? I will be there next week.
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Photo 88757
Etchy-san, yeah I guess so, I like the design of medication packages there.
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Photo 88757
Elena we should have take more photos together!
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Photo 88757
Mio-chan, I am going to HK on 1st of August, let's meet up if you still there;)
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
it was great to see you again! see you again soon.
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Photo 84094
nice to meet you on that nite!! it was a nice meet!! when you come to hk again, we all meet again la~
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Palwong 45 palwong
Nice trip. For me, I would like to see Undercover ~ JUN's live performance.
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May 28, 2008