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Hong Kong Fashion Extravaganza 2010

It's been one year since I blogged last time...

I did two events this year, one is Hong Kong Fashion Extravaganza in Jan, one is Filmart last month. Both events made me super super busy! Just released from the hardest time, it's time to blog.

This is the Fashion Extravaganza, I brought the JP designer Mr. Toshikazu Iwaya from DRESS33 to join the show, also arranged a meetings with HK's artists for him. Actually many artists approached him for chat and one singer ( very famous) asked him to desig...Read more

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Hong Kong Music Fair

Many friends have blogged about Filmart already. So now I will blog about Hong Kong Music Fair which is a concurrent event of Fillmart, also one of the Entertainment Expo events.


It's supposed to be an internatinal BtoB market, however most of the exhibitors are from HK and Mainland China. One and only a big foreign delegation is Germany. They joined our Music Fair from last year and seems that they had good fee...Read more

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Summer Sonic 08

Summer Sonic is an annual music festival held in Chiba area (which is the next city of Tokyo), many artists came to Japan for this fes this year as well.

This time I went to this event to see The Verve from UK, they came to Japan as a band for the first time for this summer event!  I always wanted to see their act but they broke up in 1997 and no chance to see their show. Their performance was really really cool and they played my favourite song;) It makes me so happy.

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Welcome to Japan MATV!

Initiated by Mei Ah Entertainment and partnering with Sky Perfect TV of Japan, Movie Asia Television (MATV) debuted in prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /Japan on 28 March 2008.

There was a opening party last night at Grand Hyatt...Read more

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One week in HK

I had a really busy week in HK, went for Fashion Week to take care of the Japanese buyers and ehixbitors and also spend most of night time for partying!

Raffi-san took me to many parties and I met a lot of people there,  the most suprising thing was that I met my friend working for BEAMS at Undercover party by chance! We didn't know that we are in Hong Kong that time. It's really a small world.

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