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A new path

 I have been a long time gone from here...and my thoughts would sometimes wonder and I would try and remember to come back!... Funny how life gets in the way! All I can say, it has been a tough year and I am back to my training Yeah!! ...being injured really put me in a funk, If I can not train,then you might as well shoot me!  The greater energy heard my wish and I could not  be a luckier student of the art. I am training Hap ki mo do under Grand master ki Yoon ,he is the president of 80 schools in Korea and he lives here in Calgary. How lucky to...Read more

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The hardest lessons in life learned either bring happiness or sadness..There is no inbetween!

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A kung fu thought!

So I am lying on this bed getting accupuncture and the guy says... your lower back is in total spasm what kinda exercise do you do? I said ,Kung Fu ! and then he says Oh I guess I wont mess with you hahaha! I should of expected this reaction ,but it always still surprises me! I told him it is not about the fight , but how it makes you feel...the fight is just the icing on the cake!. I know I have been hard on my body,but I am pretty sure most of the damge was done back in my 20's .How can you explain to someone why you train such a spo...Read more

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The art of Kung Fu

First and foremost ,Thank you for visiting my blog!


It is by chance ,that I'm on here! I've always admired Jet Li for his style and Technique. He displays what the true emotinand beauty of the art is, for that is exactly what it is...example say you and I train the same art everyday,did the same amount of basics and techniques. We would never be the same in our style ,we would not execute our skill the same way.Its how we precieve the artand what works well for the individual, thus making your kung fu your art...d...Read more

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 Let's talk about what it is , why we are here! is it about the practitioner or is it truly what we practise! Looking back I remember the work , and even younger still in the art not truly understanding  what I was actualy really learning...a way of life! I probably could never put in words what most martial artists feel when they train! By no means is a true student feeling hostile during a moment of enlightenment! every belt or level a testament to ones commitment, Yet you could take away someones belt ...but  never take whats apart of them, t...Read more

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Learning to see!

  You know as I have the privaledge to teach this art , I can't help but travel back to the first days of my training, How exciting and frustrating all at the same time!   I see this in my younger students and I tell them... Never assume you know a form or technique,unless it is reaction instead of thought ! You have not mastered a thing ! and that says alot , because our Grand master and masters still come out to train the basics ! I say this more to my younger belts in sparring. They come to me frustrated becausethey are still thinking...Read more

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Hi, I have been training combative kung fu for 20 years. It is my blood and nothing or no one comes inbetween!

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