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To Derek & Rosanne!

Congratulations Derek & Rosanne!!!!

It has been a while since my last blog.  A lot has been happening in my life since I started taken responsibility of the China market at work.  Everything is about China now... grow grow grow!  I have been traveling more.  It's interesting to see all these places in China which I never had the chance to before.  Thus, with all the traveling, I have less time to spend with friends or simply have a good rest!  So I've decided to take a few days off to chill and run errands. 

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Gucci 5th Campaign for UNICEF: "Snowman in Africa"

Dear Friends and Alivers!

Got caught up with my business travels, meant to post this up before my try 2 weeks ago... but oh well... better late than never?**************2010 is approaching and the annual Gucci Campaign for UNICEF launched on Nov16, 2009!!!  Frida has always surprise us on innovative ideas and this collection has once again touched everyone's heart!  This year Frida has invited famous author and illustrator, Michael Roberts, to work on the sequel to his children's bo...Read more

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Gucci "HOME" Limited Edition Tee!!!

It has been a while since my last entry.  A quick update on what I have been up to i guess... In the meanwhile apart from all the business trips I've been to Phuket, London and Barcelona for holiday! woohoo!!! then will be off to Florence for work again this Saturday...  finger cross that no one on my flight got the Swine flu! =P

Work wise, we had the VIP launch night of the Boutique Boulevard in Central 2 Fridays ago.  that went quite well!  Not only that I hung out at our Gucci Landmark store, I als...Read more

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"Dry Rain"


Please come support my best friend's, Flora Lau, 1st directed film "Dry Rain," which will be   firstly premiered at the International Film Festival 2009 in Hong King on March29 and April12!!!!


Soooo proud of you girlfriend!!!!

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To my friend, A

It has been a while since I last blogged.  It is one of these moments that make you realize how short life is, reminding you to cherish things and ppl around you from time to time.  People come and go in life, but it is fate that they appear even for a short period of time... it is not about the length of time spent together, it's the connection, the feeling and the impact that a person make on another. 

Life is short and full of surprises, be it sth happy or sth sad (unfortunately).  So leave all anger, misunderstandings and hat...Read more

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Donated yet?

What we've done to the Earth we are finally paying for it.  But it's never too late to realize and make corrections.  Watching the documentary and the news dropped a few tears of mine.  We are rather fortunate to be in HK with every comfort and love we have.  Watching your loved ones & home to be brought away in a sec and that you want to help the people but realize that you have no ability to do so is upsetting...

It's never too late to fix things, experience is the most effective way to help one grow and realize.  Cher...Read more

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was having lunch with vicki the other day and know that she's going for a competition in Malaysia.  Today i was browsing the newspaper online and found this!  THE 1ST RUNNER UP REPRESENTING HONG KONG!!!!

有 線 新 人 大 馬 贏 音 樂 獎

有 線 早 前 搞 個 「 線 動 真 音 樂 大 賽 」 , 分 別 由 周 吉 佩 同 陳 皓 ...Read more

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"Ken Lee?"

A friend just sent me this and it is hilarious... just wanted to share with everyone! haha... enjoy!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQt-h753jHI

an improved version which brought the audience to another level.... high high high!!! hahahaaaa

Video: http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cT18LZItBLA

... so this story teaches us that all we need is cou...Read more

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Chanel Mobile Art HK

For some reason I couldn't fall asleep till really really late last night and which I was quite tired today and decided not to go to my Monday Salsa night, but instead I went to the Chanel Mobile Art exhibition with a friend after work... It is certainly an interesting and inspiring piece which was presented nicely in different aspects and media. 

The inspiration of this exhibition is the signature quilted Chanel hbg... First, the setting and venue is extremely unique along with architect Zaha Hadid's splendid work on th...Read more

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HMV Chart!

just a quick update on my highlight of the day... took an old friend Yvonne out shopping today who's visiting from LA.  Took her to HMV to pick up the hot hot hot audiotraffic CD and look what we saw (we had to sneak a snap shot of the moment down even when the HMV employees were standing right next to us):

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