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To Simpsons With Love

** My Very Own Simpsons Avatar !

&** Love this T-shirt now sellin...Read more

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One For Cat Lovers

**This isn't new, but it still makes me go 'aawww~'

Watch the first time        - to get smitten

Watch the second time - to appreciate the amount of effort & work

                                               goes into putting this together

Watch the third time       - to go all funny**

*Artiste : FatBoy Slim    Song Title : The Joker

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Spread The Love

A short note for fans of The Beatles -

**I've found a rare video of The Beatles first TV performance for the song 'All You NeedIsLove'.

To watch, Come Togetherhere.

Non-Beatles Fans are welcome to FEEL the song too.**

Read more

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Words of Wisdom

**This work project I'm working on is quite tricky, got stuck quite a few times already.

I need guidance.

I think I found it.**

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The Evolution of Portable Music Players


**As far as I can remember,my first encounter with a portable media player waswhen I was small, young and small. I didn't own one, myfolks couldn't afford one,but you wouldhear one somewhere 'singing' to everyone on every other crowded public bus.

To be accurate, it was far from 'singing', it was what I called 'zschzing', cause that was what it exactly sounds like, coming out from a transistor radio -zipping in & out of the frequency,with the DJ, and some bands, th...Read more

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